Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Free Download: Lucretius, "Of The Nature of Things"

"Again, do you not see that even stones are conquered by time, that tall turrets fall and rocks crumble, that the gods’ temples and their images wear out and crack, nor can their holy divinity carry forward the boundaries of fate, or strive against nature’s laws? Again, do Ave not see the monuments of men fall to pieces, asking whether you believe that they in their turn must grow old? Do we not see lumps of rock roll down torn from the lofty mountains, too weak to bear and endure the mighty force of time finite? For they would not fall thus suddenly torn off, if they had endured all through from time infinite all the wrenchings of the ages without breaking up.

Again, do but behold that which around and above comprehends all the earth in its embrace: if it makes from itself all things, as some declare, and takes them back when they are destroyed, then the whole consists of a body subject to birth and death. For whatever increases and nourishes other things from itself must be diminished, and remade when it receives things back.”

 Freely download "Of The Nature of Things" by Lucretius [Titus Lucretius Carus], here:

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