Sunday, March 12, 2017

“Logical Consequences and Conclusions”

“Logical Consequences and Conclusions”

“Logical consequence (also entailment) is one of the most fundamental concepts in logic. It is the relationship between statements that holds true when one logically "follows from" one or more others. Valid logical arguments are ones in which the conclusions follow from its premises, and its conclusions are consequences of its premises. The philosophical analysis of logical consequence involves asking, 'in what sense does a conclusion follow from its premises?' and 'what does it mean for a conclusion to be a consequence of premises?' All of philosophical logic can be thought of as providing accounts of the nature of logical consequence, as well as logical truth.”

Don't just believe. Follow the story, step by step. Verify everything.
Draw your own reasoned and informed conclusions... 
- CP

"When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth."
 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "Sherlock Holmes"

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