Saturday, March 11, 2017

Musical Interlude: The Moody Blues, “Don't You Feel Small”

The Moody Blues, “Don't You Feel Small”

                                             "See the world, ask what it's for,
                                                Understanding, nothing more.."

A comment: I'm quite aware this blog's content has progressively turned into a virtual chamber of horrors- Fukushima, the economy, civil liberties, wars, poverty, climate change- one disaster or horror after another- everything's going to Hell in a hand-basket and it's clearly displayed here. The world's a complex place, so the articles are lengthy of necessity. Not by choice- I'd much rather focus on other, better things, or be doing something else, but take a glance at the main-stream liars and propagandists, you won't see any of these things covered there, just more of the sensationalistic garbage and pure propaganda from all those cheaply bought low-life money whores. I've always believed you CAN handle the truth, given the chance to know it. Of course you can find truth, or the best version of it, elsewhere on many sites, if you know where to look (see the Favorites sidebars), and I hope you're doing that. I can only speak to what you'll find here. Please, don't come here expecting all sweetness and light, you'll be rudely disappointed. Anymore the blog article selection is really a threat-analysis and prioritization process, in hopes of keeping you informed about what's really happening behind the smoke screens and lies, and alerting you to imminent crises. We've run out of time, hence the sense of urgency. These things are upon us, they're here now, and you have an absolute right to know and understand how and why it's all happening as it is. That knowing may help you prepare, help you deal more effectively with inevitable changes we can do nothing about. But we will NOT go down without a fight! So, apologies for the sometimes grim article content, but that's real life, just how it really is, whether any of us like it or not. Stay informed, stay aware, and stay strong, always, and most of all thanks for stopping by!
- CP


  1. I hear you CP. A lot of stuff to digest but first you have to sort through all the "stuff" out there, the wheat from the chaff. But you also provide a good balance with the Hubble pix, poetry, articles on mankind trying to understand it's place in the universe and reason for existing.

    Aside from all the doom and gloom which really has been going on for quite a long time now, if we are really honest, is just what is one to do besides getting financial advice on where to park all your riches, if you have any.

    Take my basic question related to my rental condo. What happens to me and all the other people who can't afford to make their rents when the financial system collapses? Do the landlords kick everyone out? Or are they better served by having good tenants continue to occupy their dwellings rather than leave them to the ravages of squatters and other manner of violators of property rights? With the stats on numbers of people with no savings and living paycheck to paycheck or Soc Security month to month, the whole world will have to adapt new strategies and tolerances for getting along, or not. But no one talks about that. They all assume you either live in the streets, behind gated communities or in survivalist mode out in your hide somewhere. I have yet to read anything dealing with the realities of city life. Maybe I am just not looking and am hiding my head in the sand.

  2. No, LetsPlay, the nature of your questions proves you haven't been hiding your head in the sand at all, quite the contrary, a rarity these days! Landlords will themselves be crushed along with the rest of us without a banking system, or court system to enforce anything like evictions. Expect the police to desert en masse as they stay home to protect their own families. This whole thing is so huge, so complicated, and the consequences so terrifying that you simply couldn't make it up, I couldn't any way, and who would want to talk about it? I don't but am compelled to. That doesn't excuse their willful ignorance or stupidity though. All we can do is use the best available information to draw conclusions from, and it's all shifting so fast it's hard to keep up with, even if you know where to look, and very few do, or care to. I don't know... that's my best answer, I just don't know anymore, so take it one day at a time, and make it a good one, while knowing the storm's on it's way and there's no escape.
    God help us all...

  3. And if they shut down the internet, which is a certainty, what then?