Thursday, April 6, 2017

"Our Benevolent Politicians: A Truly Brilliant Scam"

"Our Benevolent Politicians"
by traderscott

"The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the 
velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. 
That's the only difference."
 - Ralph Nader

"The pathway for “government spending” is a truly brilliant scam: The Congress is about to enter silly season, with its regular charade regarding their “deep concern” and the “seriousness” of over-spending. The farcical debt ceiling and shutdown crap is on tap, but we all know the punch line of this joke already. And the American taxpaying citizens will continue to get shafted. 

The Congress loves spending money. Why? Because it’s our money, not theirs. If it were their money, they wouldn’t be spending a dime (on us). They don’t actually care about us in the least. They would spit in our faces, if they weren’t worried about their re-elections and their images. They are completely self-absorbed with themselves. The only reason they “care” about us, and “prove” it via government spending programs, is because we forcibly have to hand over our money to them. Then they have the money to turn right around, and spend our own money on us. Because they have somehow gotten people to believe that sending our own money to them, to then spend on us, is how they show us they care. But they don’t spend their money on us, they spend our money on us, because apparently we’re too stupid to spend our own money on us. 

So because they are so brilliant (and compassionate), they must step in and spend our money on us – not spend their money on us. And as they so compassionately and so wisely continue to balloon the debt, thou shalt forgive them, because they’re only doing it because they “care” about us. It’s very easy to “care” about someone else, and thus “prove” it by spending money on that other person, as long as the “caregiver” is not actually forking over (spending) their own money. In fact, they’re forking over our own money right back to us, minus the usury fee (taxes).  Now how convoluted is this scam?

Democrats spend our money on all of their favorite pork barrel programs, and the Republicans do the same. And as long as both parties are doing it, then all the politicians, and the lobbyists and the hookers are all happy – as are all of the recipients and the beneficiaries of the payouts. As the wise economist Thomas Sowell pointed out “The welfare state is not really about the welfare of the masses. It is about the egos of the elites”. So as these elites get disgustingly, obscenely rich and bloated by serving the “public good” (spending our money), we keep getting poorer. Yet those of us who complain about all of this are just plain selfish apparently. 

So as we gear up for another fake “debate”, “philosophical disagreement” about spending our money on us, why is there not one politician even considering where the money is going to come from to keep these current programs going (along with all the new ones), with long bond rates at 6%, or 10%? Well the answer is simple, we’ll just send them more of our money.”

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