Monday, May 8, 2017

"Breaking News - Urgent: US, UK And Jordan Massing Troops, Tanks And Armor on Syrian-Jordan Border"

"Breaking News - Urgent: US, UK And Jordan Massing Troops,
 Tanks And Armor on Syrian-Jordan Border"
by Newsroom

"A blitz of reports are coming out of Syria indicating the US, Britain and Jordan have massed "thousands" of troops and hundreds of vehicles described as "heavy armor, including tanks" on the border between Jordan and Syria. Fears of IMMINENT INVASION are causing locals to flee the region. The red-highlighted region on the map is the Syrian Province of Homs. Numerous CONFIRMED reports indicate the foreign troops are massed inside Jordan, less than one kilometer from the Syrian Border.
UPDATE 7:54 PM EDT: Reports of the massed US, UK and Jordanian Troops also state that "at least 4,000 militants" are also assembled with the US/UK/Jordan Force!  Many of these "militants" are from Al Qaida and ISIS, begging the question, who the hell is the United States government working with in Syria?

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told SuperStation95 just moments ago via telephone that they launched an important offensive in the southeastern countryside of Damascus this past weekend that targeted a large rebel pocket in the Badiya region of the province. According to the Syrian Army officer in Damascus with whom we spoke, the US-Jordanian Coalition  increased their presence at the Jordanian border in order to possibly deter the advancing Syrian government forces that are pushing to the Badiyah region of southeast Homs.   “We have intelligence reports revealing the build-up of US and Jordanian forces near the border,” the officer said."

Photos from the region show literally HUNDREDS of military vehicles, armored personnel carriers and tanks, as seen below:
UPDATE 8:07 PM EDT: Almasdar News in the region reports as follows: "The US and Jordanian military may be prepping a massive invasion of Syria, intelligence reports gathered from surveillance drones suggest. Damascus is on high alert after some 400 American and Jordanian military vehicles were located at a military base less than a kilometer from the desert border with eastern Homs earlier today."

UPDATE 8:18 PM EDT: Reporters Rami Al-Lolah covering events in Syria is now reporting additional massing of troops by the US, UK and Jordan, along the southernmost border of Syria-Jordan, as shown on his map below:
This is a developing story as of 7:47 PM eastern US time on May 8.  Please check back for updates. Last modified on Monday, 08 May 2017 20:20"

And the Russian response to this is... World War III?

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