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"Masters of the Universe"

"Masters of the Universe"
by Norman Franklin

"As long as humans have organized themselves into social groups, there has been a 1% to rule over them. This elite group has usually been a stumbling block to human progress. Not the kind of progress that comes from a newer/better, brighter/shinier, techno fascist state. The kind of progress that emanates from the wellspring of human freedom, i.e. individual liberty.

Almost everywhere one turns today liberty and individual freedom are under attack by the 1%. To be fair to these Masters of the Universe types, they are really just pawns, wage slaves if you will just like the 99%. Even though the 1% rub elbows with the Gates, Buffets, Soros, and Koch’s of the world most of them will never ascend that last rung of the ladder to become an ‘owner.’

A sad irony about the 1% is the excessive hubris with which they live their lives. Many of them don’t even realize they are owned lock, stock, and smoking barrel by Rothschild, Rockefeller and a dozen or so other families that sit at the apex of the human pyramid. As the late great George Carlin said of the owners, “It’s a club, and you ain’t in it.”

Many of the 1% are part of the baby boomer generation. The financial collapse (bailout) of 2008 was an opportunity for this group to step up and assume the mantle of leadership, like their parents did during the last fourth turning. It was their ‘greatest generation’ moment. Yet they refused the medicine. Medicine, which was sorely needed to put our country back on a sustainable path. They were at the peak of their power, it was the biggest test of their lives yet they looked the other way and let the moment slip by.

By papering over the inequities in our society and kicking the can down the road they demonstrated a level of selfishness heretofore unseen in U. S. history. All so as to avoid losing a few percentage points of their net worth. These actions have doomed all of us to a far greater crisis. The time, place, and scope of which will be decided by ‘the owners.’

Most of the 1% I have met don’t even know or care what cognitive dissonance is. They occupy that rare place among humans where hubris, blind ambition, and great luck converge. The fact that the rule of law has been obliterated, in a country that was founded on the rule of law is completely lost on them.

Try explaining what folks like Llyod Bankfiend, Jamie Dimin, and John Porcine have gotten away with, then explain how a single mom gets 2 to 5 for stealing a loaf of Wonder bread. The usual reaction is glazed eyes and speechlessness, sometimes they fidget or shake, then try to change the subject to golf that’s it, or, or… politics, yes! Red team blue team. ‘If only the right people win next time.’ It’s always next time. What’s worse is they spend considerable time and energy trying to convince their kids and grand kids to buy into the same retarded paradigm.

The 1% throw most of their considerable weight both literally and figuratively behind the phony two party system. Nearly every gaping hole harping at us through the idiot box makes seven figures or more, and nearly all of them play the game of fake fighting in a way designed to obfuscate solutions to our underlying problems. This confuses the feeble minded who play along, and contributes to the increasing levels of distrust and disdain toward the fourth column.

The 1% also suppress any grass roots movement designed to stop America from engaging in no win wars in places we can’t even find on a map. These wars have been going on most of my adult life. One would think if we were serious about this fight, at some point we would drop the hammer, finish the job, and achieve full spectrum dominance.

The reason the 1% promote endless war is even more nefarious than the endless profits flowing to their bottom line, or their extreme hatred for dirt people in general. The real underlying reason is to bully the whole wide world into a position of subservience and slavery to the dollar hegemony. After all anyone who even thinks about using anything other than king dollar is (1) vilified (2) called a terrorist and (3) visited by planes and drones to ‘free the sh*t out of them.’ Try explaining this to a 1%er.

The owners must be rolling on the floor laughing their ever-loving asses off, while drinking Chateau Lafite 1869 at $50,000 a glass, feasting on BBQ baby hearts drenched in walnut sauce, enjoying the rarefied air of their summer palaces in Chile, Paraguay, St. John, Tristan da Cunha, or wherever. They probably never imagined, even in their wildest dreams that they the 0.0000.1% could have taken over 99% of everything without even breaking a sweat.

Conversations I have had with 1%ers lead me to believe that demographics and nepotism played a huge role in their success. Many are small business owners that have worked very hard over the years. This work ethic can’t excuse all the times they closed their eyes, covered their ears, and refused to raise their collective voice in anger. These are broad strokes to be sure, describing an entire group. However if you’re a boomer who wound up reading this, then chances are this does not apply to you.

As more and more wake up to the stone cold fact that we have no voice in the decisions that effect the fiscal viability of the nation, as more and more wake up to the lies and deceit that get thrown around daily by the small minority that rule, as more and more wake up to the fact that we don’t have a democracy, let alone a republic, the simmering anger and resentment will turn into a raging wildfire. This rage once released will afford no chance for things to ever return to a semblance of normality.

The owners and their boomer lackeys have institutionalized widespread theft and abuse of the dirt people. Their arrogant in your face style of governance shows it. It is now clear that they will never make even the smallest reform or even a token attempt to right the good ship America. The owner’s response to being informed of the quickly rising water below decks? ‘Set the throttle on full and shoot for the sun, full speed ahead.’ They are the parasites killing off the host.

It is said in the Good Book, ‘Vengeance is mine.’ However we are now living by the law of the jungle not the eternal law of the land. When the time comes to rise above all the depravity that has been foisted upon us, will we be able to forgive and focus on regaining what was lost, thus insuring that we don’t become that which we hate. Or will we descend into a quagmire of vengeance and retribution? These are questions that try a man’s soul.

The masters of the universe have made peaceful redress of our grievances impossible, every avenue has been closed off. In their arrogant smugness, they foolishly believe this is the end of the story, case closed, settled science and all that. This long train of abuse has led to absolute despotism enviably leading to an un-amicable divorce. They will not come to their senses just as their king of England would not 240 years ago. What will be unleashed will be on their heads. We the dirt people will not be responsible for what becomes buried in the countryside.

These fools have torn asunder the temporal fabric that has held our civilization together. It is an age old story as all the great civilizations of the past can attest. Revelation says, woe unto thee leaders and men of great that the mountains will fall on you. For the great day has come and who will be able to stand? All of us who are now awake, bear witness to the eternal law written in our hearts. The multi generational goal envisioned by the owners is nearly complete. A worldwide slave plantation where we are all dead men walking."
"Morituri Te Salutant!"
(“We who are about to die salute thee!”)

"The Richest Rich Are in a Class by Themselves"
"Avete vos!"
("Fare you well!")

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