Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Quality or Quantity?"

"Quality or Quantity?"
By Francis Marion

"This will be a short post. It is a thought for discussion. There are times when I feel and sense in others a growing dissatisfaction with the way things are. The people I can feel it coming from the most are usually those closest to me. My kids for example. My son has been an honors student since elementary school and is now enrolled in the honors program in his high school. But I sense in him a deep unrest with the program. The volume of homework he brings home is astounding. My university workload was less, though not considerably. His complaint being primarily that volume does not equate quality and the heaping on of what is essentially busy work, in his mind, is off the mark. I sense this is the crux of the problem with our society in general.

Most of our problems can be chalked up to volume over quality. Our relationships (see social media), sex, work, social programs and income. All of it.

We see the results of this line of thinking daily. In our economic models, in the rate of human migration required to sustain them and in our day to day living. We over schedule ourselves and our children, living on the assumption that if we don’t “do more” then we will have failed them and they will not become fulfilled, middle-class adults.

But I ask, with all the things we have, with all the things we do, are we fulfilled? A bigger house, more retirement benefits, more free health care, more toys, more friends, more sex (or what passes for it these days), more money (or what we think is money). Has any of it made us happier?

If the answer is no, then what are we training our children to become? If we are teaching them quantity over quality, what are they learning? Consumption over production? Waste over conservation? Desire and petulance over patience and wisdom?

I can see where this is headed. You can see it. Today, I feel powerless to stop it. At times I am like a hamster trapped on a wheel. Spin the wheel or it will spin you.

I don’t want more. I want less. I want better."

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