Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Trump Is Launching 1-800 VA Complaint Hotline Tomorrow”

"Trump Is Launching 1-800 VA Complaint Hotline Tomorrow”
by John Falkenberg

"When it comes to our veterans, there’s never enough that can be done to say “thank you.” That’s why ensuring respectful and excellent treatment of veterans within the Department of Veterans Affairs is so important. To that end, the Trump administration will “soft launch” a hotline for veterans to express concerns or voice complaints about the VA, according to a statement by Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.

Preparations for a fully functional hotline can’t come too soon. Whistleblowers claimed the VA suicide line dropped an astounding 1.4 million calls last year from veterans in desperate need of help, the Washington Examiner reported. Those kinds of numbers are simply unacceptable. Trump is making good on his promises as a candidate, as he included a direct line to the White House for veterans as part of his 10-point plan for VA reform during his campaign, according to the Washington Examiner. ABC News reported that Shulkin is hoping to have this new hotline fully operational by August 15.

For those who may be wondering, the number for the hotline has indeed been released. It’s 855-948-2311.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we voted for President Donald Trump. The man promised big, and he’s delivering “bigly” where it counts. For folks who have complaints or concerns about the VA, give the number a try.”
A Comment: From personal experience "frustrating" doesn't begin to describe the experience of dealing with the VA. "Disgrace" might be a better term. 

A local Vet Group benefits counselor told me, "Expect delay after delay. They really do hope you die before they have to pay you." I didn't believe that then... 9 months later, I do, oh, I do indeed...
- CP

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  1. I can only applaud President Trump for making this happen. It is still to happen but it is in the "works." I didn't expect much from Shulkin and still see him as one of the weak links in the cabinet. Not a mover & shaker in the Trump image, an insider who seems slow and too careful. The problems are clear. Quick, decisive action needs to be taken. August is taking too long for a simple idea but at least it will give Veterans a voice without the VA pissants getting in the way. Make sure our Veterans get GREAT Care. They deserve it!