Friday, June 9, 2017

"A Lamentation Of Manhood And Our Insane Society"

"A Lamentation Of Manhood And Our Insane Society"
PSA: “Sanity” is Now Defined by an Inability to Recognize Insanity
by A. Aardvark

"The headline is the entire PSA.* This last week was, I believe, the most insane week in recorded history. And I believe that every week following this week will make that same achievement for the foreseeable future. What is happening right now – on every single level of existence, from your private, secret life, to the scale of the global – is all completely insane.

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In your private life, if you are an average young man in the West, you can check about 7 to 10 of these:
Your mother abandoned your father because she was bored and destroyed your family. Because she was bored.
You are a bastard.
You are addicted to internet pornography.
You have been diagnosed with a mental illness and prescribed psychotropic drugs.
You have an immediate family member that is an open homosexual.
You struggle with some form of substance abuse.
You fought in a war for Israel against a civilian third world population.
You have considered suicide at multiple points in your life.
You were abused as a child.
You engage regularly in semi-anonymous sex.
You cannot get a woman to have sex with you at all.
You cannot make a relationship work.
You are in your twenties or thirties, and still feel like a teenage boy.
You are under-employed or unemployed.
You have “student loan” debt that you cannot imagine ever paying off.
You have no “career path” whatsoever.
You were raised without religion or without good religion and struggle with the concept of God.
You do not believe you will ever have a family or children.
You have gotten a girl pregnant, and she murdered your child before he or she was born.
You have bastard children.
You are overweight.
You are living with a woman and some other man’s child.
You have immediate family members you are estranged from.
You will never own your own home.
You are an adult, and cartoons and/or video games are the most exciting part of your life.
You do not feel as though you have any future whatsoever.

This is all insane. No generation in history has been forced to deal with these types of combined life factors, or anything even remotely close to it. Meanwhile, in the wider world:

People are getting murdered randomly on the streets by foreigners every day, we are told not to worry.
American blacks are murdering white people every day, the government is covering it up while claiming blacks are victims of invisible racism that is somehow everywhere.
Women are parading through the streets naked, attacking people, for unclear reasons.
Governments are purposefully replacing their populations with unevolved primitive barbarians, claiming that to not do that would be “hatred for the color of the skin.”
We have collectively agreed that our entire history was evil.
Women rule over men, by state mandate.
Entire Western economies are based on debt.
Infanticide is being committed on a mass scale, to the point where it has become “a routine medical procedure.”
We are being told, with a straight face, that neither race or gender actually exist. That they are illusions.
The West is funding terrorists to overthrow stable governments.
People are fat.
History-altering political decisions are being made based on the media repeatedly showing images of dead children.
It is a generally accepted assumption that that life came from nonliving matter for no reason, then managed to turn into people.
The defining event of modern history, the Holocaust, has not been proven to have actually happened, and there is no evidence to support the claim that it did.
The West is attempting to incite a World War with Russia, for reasons that are unclear.
One in sixty-seven children born in the United States is diagnosed with autism. This has not been declared a crisis. No government authority has attempted to explain why it is happening.
Wars are started in the name of “human rights.”
The only ethnic group on the planet with an apartheid state is the same ethnic group that goes to other countries and accuses them of “racism.”
Russia is being blamed for all kinds of things that make no sense by every government in an attempt to incite conflict with them.
Major Western governments are run by (usually childless) women.
We are subsidizing the third world to breed completely out of control – in 80 years there will be 4 billion people in Africa – and there is absolutely zero plan to deal with it.
Germany and the Netherlands both have legal bestiality brothels.
We have replaced our entire religion, formerly the core of our cultural identity, with hedonistic nihilism, claiming that the decision to do so had something to do with science.
Donald Trump is being crucified based on a conspiracy theory of which not a single piece of evidence exists to support.
The Canadian government is taking people’s kids away from them if they refuse to inject them with the hormones of the opposite sex.
Ariana Grande is being hailed as an international hero for singing a song about “dick bicycle” in memory of victims of a terrorist attack.
James Comey just testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee about a vast Russian conspiracy, his entire evidence for which was that “his guys” talked to “their guys” (referring to CrowdStrike, the private company hired by the DNC to examine their server after they claimed it was hacked) and that they were “certain” it was the Russians. That is what we are talking about impeaching Trump over, and attempting to incite a World War over – “our guys talked to their guys and they were sure.”

This is all insane. In the world we presently inhabit, “sanity” is defined as the inability to recognize how insane all of this is. That is where we are at right now, as a society. We are not winning at reality."
* The definition of PSA is "Public Service Announcement"

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  1. Thanks so much Aard! I really appreciated the truths.