Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Breaking: China Attacks India – Strong Implications for WW III"

"Breaking: China Attacks India – Strong Implications for WW III"
by The Common Sense Show

"Breaking news as China attacks India in an event that could culminate in World War III: “As Prime Minister Narendra Modi was preparing to meet Donald and Melania Trump at the White House, China on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Indian Army accusing it of stopping the construction of a road in what it called its “sovereign territory” in the Sikkim section of the India-China border.” This conflict did not remain just a war of words for long as the Russian media is collectively reporting that the Chinese crossed the border and destroyed two Indian bunkers in the Sikkim region of the Chinese-Indian border.

Yes it is absolutely true, China and crossed the Indian border and has attacked and destroyed two bunkers. This is very serious. Because of arch-rival India’s involvement, it would not take much to encourage Pakistan to become involved as well.
There is a major MSM blackout of this event. However, the Russian media is all over this story. With regard to this issue, Russia’s Sputnik News went on to say the following: “The construction of bunkers (Editor’s Note: Bunkers that were destroyed by the Chinese on Monday/Tuesday) and has been a flashpoint in Sino-India ties. These bunkers can be easily transported to the Himalayan terrain after getting built in the plains of Assam and Sikkim. The step is an indication of India’s keenness to raise a 90,000-strong Mountain Corps for strengthening the deployment along the 4,057-km of Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.”

From a military strategy perspective, it is clear that China is trying to lessen the potential side-effects of being caught in a two-front war. If China does make good on its announced intent to defend their preposterous claim of owning the South China Sea, there will eventually be war involving the United States and other TPP signatories such as Vietnam. Subsequently, it is clear that the Chinese are not going to allow any militarization or military build-up on the India-China border. However, there is a bigger picture issue at work here.

Do These Events Represent the Break-Up of the BRIC Nations? The Federal Reserve must be dancing in the streets. The BRIC nations have previously established the existence of the gold-based currencies which flies in opposition to the debt dominated approach of the Central Banks associated and largely controlled by the Rothschild banking empire out of Basel involving the Bank of International Settlements. Even for the BRIC nations that have not moved towards the establishment of a gold-backed set of currencies which are weighted against each other for purposes of trade, the intent of these nations to do so has always been present and threatens Western banking dominance. The best example of this intent was evident when the Iranians began to sell its oil, not based upon the Petrodollar scheme, but for gold to Russia, India and China.

For those that are not aware, the BRICS include Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and other affiliate nations. At the core of the MSM fake news, this is one of the main motivations behind the media’s obsession with Russia and the false collusion charges because the BRICS threaten Western banking hegemony. As a result, the Western bankers desperately want war with Russia and any other BRIC nation that challenges the existing order of burdening nations and its citizens with a debt-based system of economics.

If India goes to war with China, and the trend curve is certainly there, then the BRICS lose a lot of its unity and power as two of its top three nations are facing off against each other. This makes war in the Middle East against Syria, Iran and Russia much more likely because their conflict between China and India will likely keep the majority of BRIC military forces out of the Middle East because of Chinese-India border concerns, and in China’s case, it obsession with dominating the South China Sea.

Adding to this line of thinking, the Indians pledged support to the United States and its efforts to keep the South China Sea open to free commerce. This represents a potential breakup of the BRICS which makes it much more likely that the world is one war closer to the full roll out of the New World Order.

One More Consideration: India and Pakistan are mortal enemies. This could potentially constitute a nightmare scenario for American forces in Afghanistan. If Pakistan and China engage India, all three nations have a substantial nuclear arsenal. The spin-off effects are daunting for both our troops in Afghanistan and in terms of the threat to world peace in general. This is Trump’s biggest military nightmare in this present moment.

Consider the following: India is attacked by both China and Pakistan. Taking advantage of the chaos, North Korea invades the South. The US, already having diverted a substantial investment into saving its largest based land force in Afghanistan, has developed holes in its defenses around the world because our undersized force is overextended. In this example, would China take advantage of the ensuing chaos to move on Taiwan? And with the majority of the United State military tied up in Asia, would Putin move to dominate the Middle East because the US, in this scenario, may not have the capacity to respond?Someone, either the BRICS (eg Russia) or the West (eg the United States) will have a military resource shortage and when the balance of power is altered, one way or the other, in the Middle Easter, the stronger party will make their move in Syria and beyond.

The upcoming events may mark the first time where Harry Truman’s notion of the Domino Theory may prove to be correct for the first time since its inception during the Korean War and was the primary justification to engage in the Vietnam War.

To those who think that the border issues between India and China are insignificant may wish to re-evaluate their position for when the United States runs out of troops to counter these threats, they will not have run out of nuclear missiles to continue the war.”

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  1. "and in China’s case, it obsession with dominating the South China Sea."
    This may be as stated above,I would prefer to catergorize it a little differently and state this;it is called the "South China Sea" and I feel that if they just sat back and watched the other lackeys who are laying claim (and we all know who they are subject to)therefore in my opinion(not humble either)good moveChina,keep the self recommended rulers of the World out of your backyard,I don't think they are welcome there or most anywhere really,they have a really bad reputation these days.