Saturday, June 3, 2017

“What Kind of People?”

“What Kind of People?”
by Thomas Are

"What kind of people would enjoy a sumptuous meal in front of a starving child and simply say, “Go away kid, you bother me.”? None that I know. What kind of people would deliberately withhold food and destroy the means of growing food in the context of abundance surrounded by children reaching out for crumbs from the table and simply say, “I don’t care.”? I don’t personally know anyone so calloused because I don’t personally know any Israeli Zionists.  

Next month, Israel will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of occupying Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Is that something of which to be proud?

Since the Six Day War Israel has:
Demolished over 48,000 homes in the West Bank and Gaza;
Confiscated over 586,000 acres of Palestinian land the West Bank;
Created 300,000 Palestinian refugees;
Colonized the West Bank with over 600,000 Jewish settlers;
Enacted over 50 laws that discriminate against Israel’s Arab minority, and
Established an apartheid legal system with civil courts for Jewish settlers and separate  military courts for 4.5 million Palestinians, including indefinite detention without trial and a  conviction rate of over 99%.

Why do we Americans, who years ago quit believing in a “superior race,” continue to support and fund a nation which brags about being a nation for a superior race, "the Chosen People"? What has happened to the voice of those who believe there will be peace for all only when there is justice for all? As long as America continues to insist that the Palestinians are all terrorists and demand that our friends call them terrorists who are just out to kill Jews, there will be little hope for peace there or living with a clear conscience here. And Israel will continue to kill, imprison, torture and steal land and water from the Palestinian nation. Over 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested since the 1967 war Israel celebrates this week.

And, what kind of people would look the other way in the presence of such injustice. Well, my fellow Americans, perhaps we all should look in the mirror.”

And fair warning to trolls: don't even think about it, unless you prefer we dig deep into the Talmud and the historical quotes and events records - you will NOT be amused, I promise you... - CP


  1. Well, that's one side of the story. Care to give us the other? If not, then your point is without merit.

  2. The other, Steve? My position's clearly stated, I won't attempt to justify theirs... their actions are quite informative. Those, I could demonstrate if you really want that. Was wondering who'd be first to bite the troll bait, no surprise it's you, Steve from "none of your business 'Murica". How much do they pay you for this? Just curious ;-)

  3. Not surprised at your response. You just proved your own intent. so, for now, I'd prefer to not have a battle of wits with an obviously ignorant adversary.

    And again, your point is without merit.


  4. When you have something constructive or informative to say, Steve, please do so. Otherwise your petty sniping is just a very minor irritant, best taken elsewhere...

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  7. Really, Steve, "somewhere in "Murica"? You're in MY house... watch your mouth.
    Look familiar?
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    Now that's pathetic...
    More if you insist...

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    2. Steve, had to remove your comment due to vulgarity. Have you nothing better to do? I'm sure there are other sites you try to get attention from, kinda pitiful really. I do have other, much more important things to do than play this silly game with you, so will just remove any further comments from you. Have a nice day, Steve...