Sunday, June 11, 2017

"WSJ Privacy Test: Who Can See Your Personal Data?"

"WSJ Privacy Test: Who Can See Your Personal Data?"
by WSJ  

"People would care more about privacy if they knew how exposed they already are online, says WSJ Personal Tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler. In an experiment, he showed a handful of strangers their own personal info - and managed to shock every one.”
"Why We’re Doomed – Idiocy On Display"
by Karl Denninger

"The WSJ went out and showed people exactly how much of your personal information was available online. There were a lot of oh my gosh’s, and a few oh that’s creepy but I didn’t hear one I’m going to kill them all. That’s the problem, in a nutshell. 'It actually concerns me' was the strongest thing I heard. It concerns you? Concerns? That’s all?

These were mostly all millennials. Until we see reactions that are more akin to “Please excuse me; I need to get a gas can and my gun” there’s simply no hope. By the way that’s not calling for violence - it’s simply recognition of the fact that the people running these companies do not fear you doing anything to them as a result of their practices no matter how much of your life they invade or to who they sell the information they have. These practices will not stop until a cogent level of fear arises in people like Zuckerpig. It’s that simple, and in the end it’s also your choice."

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