Monday, July 24, 2017

"America 2017 = France 1789”

"America 2017 = France 1789”
by James Howard Kunstler 

"We are looking more and more like France on the eve of its revolution in 1789. Our classes are distributed differently, but the inequity is just as sharp. America’s “aristocracy,” once based strictly on bank accounts, acts increasingly hereditary as the vapid offspring and relations of “stars” (in politics, showbiz, business, and the arts) assert their prerogatives to fame, power, and riches - think the voters didn’t grok the sinister import of Hillary’s “it’s my turn” message?

What’s especially striking in similarity to the court of the Bourbons is the utter cluelessness of America’s entitled power elite to the agony of the moiling masses below them and mainly away from the coastal cities. Just about everything meaningful has been taken away from them, even though many of the material trappings of existence remain: a roof, stuff that resembles food, cars, and screens of various sizes.

But the places they are supposed to call home are either wrecked - the original small towns and cities of America - or replaced by new “developments” so devoid of artistry, history, thought, care, and charm that they don’t add up to communities, and are so obviously unworthy of affection, that the very idea of “home” becomes a cruel joke.

These places were bad enough in the 1960s and 70s, when the people who lived in them at least were able to report to paying jobs assembling products and managing their distribution. Now those people don’t have that to give a little meaning to their existence, or cover the costs of it. Public space was never designed into the automobile suburbs, and the sad remnants of it were replaced by ersatz substitutes, like the now-dying malls. Everything else of a public and human associational nature has been shoved into some kind of computerized box with a screen on it.

The floundering non-elite masses have not learned the harsh lesson of our time that the virtual is not an adequate substitute for the authentic, while the elites who create all this vicious crap spend millions to consort face-to-face in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard telling each other how wonderful they are for providing all the artificial social programming and glitzy hardware for their paying customers.

The effect of this dynamic relationship so far has been powerfully soporific. You can deprive people of a true home for a while, and give them virtual friends on TV to project their emotions onto, and arrange to give them cars via some financing scam or other to keep them moving mindlessly around an utterly desecrated landscape under the false impression that they’re going somewhere - but we’re now at the point where ordinary people can’t even carry the costs of keeping themselves hostage to these degrading conditions.

The next big entertainment for them will be the financial implosion of the elites themselves as the governing forces of physics finally overcome all the ruses and stratagems of the elites who have been playing games with money. Professional observers never tire of saying that the government can’t run out of money (because they can always print more of it) but they can certainly destroy the value of that money and shred the consensual confidence that allows it to operate as money.

That’s exactly what is about to commence at the end of the summer when the government runs out of cash-on-hand and congress finds itself utterly paralyzed by party animus to patch the debt ceiling problem that disables new borrowing. The elites may be home from the Hamptons and the Vineyard by then, but summers may never be the same for them again.

The Deep State may win its war against the pathetic President Trump, but it won’t win any war against the imperatives of the universe and the way that expresses itself in the true valuation of things. And when the moment of clarification arrives - the instant of cosmic price discovery - the clueless elites will have to really and truly worry about the value of their heads.”
Madame Defarge, where are you now that we need you?


  1. The endorsement of the French Revolution and the likes of Madame DeFarge is about as dangerous a move as possible. Do we really want to see our nation plunged into that kind of blood lust? Do we really want to forget that the end result of the French Revolution was nearly two decades of Napoleonic wars that only led to the return of the surviving Bourbons to the French throne?

    No one is defending the wanton lust for power and money of our contemporary elites but the solution is in changing the banking and tax laws, fair trials before honest judges and long sentences in prison. Once you grease the skids of justice with the blood of the guilty all hope of traction for the innocent is lost as well. That is the lesson of "A Tale of Two Cities" not the call for blood for the sake of blood. That is just as evil as the greed of the elites.

  2. You write "the solution is in changing the banking and tax laws, fair trials before honest judges and long sentences in prison." Yes, all that will really happen, won't it? And the fairy godmother will sprinkle us all with happy sparkles and we'll live happily ever after...

  3. I can happen if the people demand it. Better the people March in the streets demanding accountability under the law than demands for blood lust.

    I'm not saying we won't descend into chaos, I fear we will. But once we do America and everything it has stood for will be lost, probably forever. All restraints on the forces of tyranny will disappear with it What Kunstler advocates is precisely what the violent left wants.

  4. Read closer- NO ONE is advocating or encouraging any such thing! But what Kunstler, and I, realize is the very real possibility of such things, developing in a post-collapse world, considering human nature and history, and acknowledging that. Your idealistic solution of fairness, truth, justice etc has far, far less a chance of becoming reality, my friend, all things considered, and you know it, or should. I too fear we'll descend into chaos, uncontrollably, and you know what? That'll happen before these people "march in the streets demanding accountability"...

  5. All do respect but, horse feathers. Kunstler among others has always been prone to what is called doom porn. Same with the X22 folks. Rather than to oft repeated discussions of worst possible scenarios, which by their endless repetition becomes advocacy in it's own way, why not expend that energy actually advocating for rule of law solutions, standing up to tyranny and calling for demonstrations in support of them?

    To do otherwise is to dismiss what America at its core is about and the better angels of human nature, and willfully succumb to it's worst aspects, such as what became of the French Revolution.

    Again that is exactly what the violent left wants. Until such a time as the government puts troops into the streets to actively suppress calls for Constitutional justice, i.e. Venezuela, I will continue to speak out for nonviolent solutions. I have yet to see any calls to the contrary that even approach the moral justifications or eloquence of our founders.

  6. Our founding fathers, it seems they fought a WAR to achieve the goal of self-governance from Britain, granted the moral justifications involved, but "legally" under then current law they were traitors to the Crown, were they not? A "lawful solution"? You know very well how absolutely corrupt it all is, there's NO "for the people by the people" AT ALL, and the entrenched powers-that-be have zero interest in changing the status quo- DHS has 2,770 armored personnel carriers and bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, along with god only knows what else, why? To placidly receive grievances from the citizenry while fostering peaceful change? "Rule of law"? Whose interests are served by those laws? We, the People? You're delusional if you believe that for one second. The laws protect and serve Wall St and the so-called Deep State in service to their financial masters, not to protect the People. Your idealized vision of what "America" once may have been is long dead, stolen long ago by corruption and a non-caring citizenry, the Federal Reserve the primary example. I'm NOT endorsing or encouraging a violent revolution, but when this entire financial system does collapse do not be surprised if that is exactly what happens, and that, my friend, is a reality we'll all be facing much sooner than later...