Thursday, July 27, 2017

"First, Suck In Unqualified People..."

"First, Suck In Unqualified People..."
by Karl Denninger

"First, suck in unqualified people, then, once you've got a campus full of people who can't function at the level expected of someone with a college education... you lower the standards!

"The chancellor of the California Community Colleges system says intermediate algebra should no longer be required to earn an associate degree - unless students are in the fields of science, technology, engineering or math."

Thank you very much for telling me that nobody who earns an alleged Degree has anything at all of value. The solution to high failure rates is to tighten up admission requirements. The reason you have the problem in the first place is that you let a bunch of people in who couldn't function at that level.  Now you wish to "legitimate" it.

May I remind you that were the American people able to understand simple exponents and their application to the economy and government, including spending and taxation, that we'd have had a literal shooting revolution a couple of decades ago? We haven't because the people of this country in the general sense are willing to accept the mathematically impossible in claims from politicians without telling them to cut it out or they will swing after being indicted, tried and convicted of mass fraud and theft on a multi-trillion dollar scale.

Is it any surprise that a government-run alleged college wants to further decrease the percentage of people who understand simple, first-year algebra principles such as exponents - say much less anything more complex?

Not at all."

God forbid these oh-so-delicate, preciously unique snowflakes should be forced to actually exert themselves, to learn something, anything. Oh no, can't offend their sensitivities now, can we, or be politically and/or socially incorrect, right? Or invade their safe spaces by asking, as Thomas Sowell did, "What were you doing for the last 12 years before you got here?" God knows, but it sure as hell wasn't learning anything... - CP

"We're so freakin' doomed!"
- The Mogambo Guru


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