Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“’Freedom And Democracy': 10th Anniversary of ‘Collateral Murder’”

“’Freedom And Democracy': 10th Anniversary of ‘Collateral Murder’”
by RT

"On the 10th anniversary of the US military airstrike on Baghdad which killed at least a dozen people, RT looks back at the indiscriminate attack brought to light by WikiLeaks in ‘Collateral Murder.’ Reuters requested footage of the airstrikes under the Freedom of Information Act in 2007 but was unsuccessful.

US Apache helicopters launched an aerial attack in East Baghdad on July 12, 2007, killing at least 12 people. Among them were Reuters photojournalist Namir Noor-Eldeen and camera assistant Saeed Chmagh. Saleh Matasher Tomal, a driver who tried to help those wounded was also killed, while his two children were injured. A 2007 military investigation cleared everyone involved of wrongdoing, and claimed to find no information of how the two children were hurt."
 (Which seems stupid since you’re watching mass murder.- CP)
WikiLeaks published the footage in 2010 after it was leaked to them by intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, then known as Bradley Manning. Manning was subsequently charged under the Espionage Act and sentenced to 35 years in military prison. Her sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama in 2017, with Manning released in May 2017 having served seven years.

Dean Yates, Reuters bureau chief in Iraq at the time of the attack, told ABC last month that the news agency was not aware of the US military’s rules of engagement. “What we didn't realise at that time was that the US military had decided that anyone seen in the streets of Baghdad with a weapon was considered hostile, and could, therefore, be engaged, they could be shot at and we just didn't know this.”

“The U.S. State of War: July 2017”
"Playing Games with War Deaths"
"After 15 years of ever-spreading conflict has killed two to five million people, the main perpetrators are still getting away with framing their violence entirely as a response to the violence of their enemies. How much violence and chaos will the world accept before people start holding their own leaders morally and legally accountable for decisions and policies that predictably and repeatedly result in massive loss of life, cities reduced to rubble and shattered societies?"

Oh no, Good Taxpayer Citizen, don't you look away - who do you think paid for all this?

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