Sunday, July 2, 2017

"It'll Do..."

Deputy Wendell: “It's a mess, ain't it, Sheriff?”
Sheriff Bell: “If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here.”
- “No Country For Old Men”

Well, folks, it looks like the front edge of the mess has arrived... think dominoes falling, states collapsing now, who knows how this will all play out, or what the Federal government response to guaranteed social chaos will be. It will not be kind and gentle, we can presume that. Honestly, I hate bringing you these doom and gloom economic reports, but that's reality whether we like it or not, and we ought to at least understand what's happening, and why, and you'll never hear any of this on the main stream money-whore media sources. It won't change anything of course, but if I'm about to get hung I'd at least like to know why... Put the puzzle pieces together and draw your own conclusions. Meanwhile, we'll carry on here on this little blog as usual for as long as possible. Stay strong!
- CP

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