Sunday, July 9, 2017

“Jimmy Stewart Recites His Poem About Beau”

“Jimmy Stewart Recites His Poem About Beau”
by Dusty Old Thing

“Do you remember this? It was truly an amazing moment on late-night television. Jimmy Stewart wrote this wonderful poem about his dog named Beau and recited it on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1981. It is such a humorous, genuine, and tearful look at the beautiful relationship that develops between dog and human throughout the years. We certainly know how he’s feeling since our pets have changed us for the better in ways we couldn’t have imagined and they opened our hearts forever. And, it’s so hard to let them go sometimes. It’s clear from the way he reads this poem that Beau would always be with Stewart. Hear Stewart’s heartwarming poem about the unconditional love between man and his dog. We have to wonder if there was a dry eye in the audience or on the set that night!”
Hat tip to Annette Garcia for this material.

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