Monday, July 31, 2017

"Sierra Club's Outrageous Pro-Nuke Lies"

Folks, this is an absolute disgrace, simply pure lying! No linked source citations at all, merely so and so said. That's not good enough! I left 2 comments with a link to the latest Fukushima update on this blog, both deleted of course, but please do read the other comments. We've covered Fukushima since day one here, hundreds of articles posted, every single one actively linked for your own research/verification. "Mr. Green gets out the geiger counter"? A good thing for him it's not a lie detector! Do your own research and, as always decide for yourself what the truth is... - CP
"Fukushima Update: 14,964.4 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow"
"Your Radiation This Week" by Bob Nichols

Attention Sierra Club: Don't even think of trying to intimidate or silence me. 
Note this well:


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