Thursday, July 6, 2017

"The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History"

"The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History"
Hat tip to Jim Quinn, “The Burning Platform”


  1. This video is just so so wrong and deceitfully hypocritical on so many levels.

    Firstly the character makes a blanket statement that "the US is not the greatest nation on earth." But then he makes no assertion as to what nation fills this alleged void. So who is it? Russia? China? Germany? France?

    Secondly he says that we are not the only nation that has freedom, and rattles off a list of nations that also have freedom. But he fails to elucidate how many of those nations were either liberated from tyranny or defended from it by America's shouldering the huge costs of treasure and lives to do so. Neither does he mention that some of those nations were the tyrants themselves that we had to force the systems of liberty and the rule of law upon by force of arms.

    Thirdly he decries the size of America's defense budget, ignoring the fact that it was the size of the American military that kept most of those nations free in the intervening years since the end of WWII and in many cases continues to do so.

    Sanctimonious fools such as this would have us believe that human freedom exists in a vacuum and or that it is the normal state of the human condition. Even a cursory examination of history show that the predominant human condition has been slavery, degradation, tyranny and ignominiouspathetic death. Evil and tyranny exists still and is only kept at Bay by vigilance and the threat of force.

    I repeat my question in within these added contexts; If not America who? Don't ask me what string of contempt and condemnation I would hurl in this arrogant fool's face if given the chance. Rest assured it would not be as ugly as his ignorant and deceitful contentions.

  2. Excellent points, very well expressed my friend. Food for thought, indeed. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us, and thanks always for stopping by and commenting!