Monday, July 17, 2017

"US to Spend on Military in 2018 What Russia Spends in 15 Years"; A Comment

"US to Spend on Military in 2018 What Russia Spends in 15 Years"
by RI Staff

"The US Congress is set to pass a defense budget for fiscal 2018 (October 2017 through September 2018) of $696 billionMeanwhile the defense spending for 2017 over in Russia (spending for 2018 won't be set until late 2017) is 2.84 trillion rubles, which at today's exchange rates amounts to just under $48 billion. In other words, for Russia $696 billion would represent enough money to fund its military for fourteen years and six months. US taxpayers must be truly rich."

A Comment: So... we're spending $696 billion dollars a year "defending" ourselves. Who or what, exactly, are we "defending" ourselves from? Russia, for example, spent $48 billion last year on their military. Besides the ever present nuclear war scenario, they're not threatening anyone. China? Our best-friends-forever trading partner and financial master? Not likely. OK, who's left? ISIS? No, we own them... Hmm... what are we missing, boys and girls, that justifies this astonishing amount of military spending? Wait a second, it couldn't be possible, could it? Not that! Oh no! The rumors must be true! We really have been secretly invaded by the 17 foot tall insectoid robo-warriors from the planet Zandor! And now we know why they just created the "US Space Force" to "defend the galaxy"! That's the only thing that makes sense, because God knows nothing else about this does... - CP

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