Thursday, July 6, 2017

"World War Three or Civil War?" A Comment

"World War Three or Civil War?"
by Tesseract

"You don’t have to dig very deep into the American psyche to notice that hostilities are boiling up to a dangerous level. With mainstream media’s almost 24/7 coverage of possible collusion between Trump and Russia, many Americans are beginning to view a nuclear superpower as their enemy. I don’t believe the collusion exists, but sometimes people’s opinions have a more powerful effect on the world than what is true. Furthermore, the divide between the left and right in the US seems like one violent moment away from breaking out into all out war. So, my question is, which is more likely, WWIII or a 2nd US Civil War?

Let’s first examine the possibility of another US Civil War. The political divide between Americans has been growing for decades, but the rise of Trump has finally pushed the left to act out violently. The mainstream, corporate sponsored #Resist movement has been a widely pushed narrative to stir up even more hate. A few weeks ago, an avid Bernie supporter decided to take matters into his own hands by opening fire on republican politicians at their baseball practice. Luckily, he was a terrible shot and no one died. Shortly after the incident, Alex Jones riled his side up in a June 14th video, stating: “The first shots of the second American civil war have already been fired.”

The right has always been pro-gun and pro-self-defense, but now the extremists on the left seem more willing to use guns to achieve their political goals. One side willing to use guns for political purposes, and the other side willing to defend themselves with guns, makes for a dangerous combination that could ignite at any moment. Here is a video of Antifa thugs training for that very moment -  Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, Range Day:
And if you need anymore convincing of the escalation of violence between the left and the right, here is a compilation video of some heavy clashes:
Now let’s examine the possibility of WWIII. When one empire begins to decline, it empowers other nations to rise up and take their place. This can result in a war between many powerful nations. The last example of this was WWII. When the British Empire was in a fast decline, Germany began to feel confident enough to seize control of Europe and the rest of the world.

Now that other countries are beginning to sense the decline of the US Empire, other nations are intent on seizing their opportunity to grab more power for themselves. Russia has begun to expand it’s reach beyond its own borders for the first since the Soviet-Afghan War of the 1980’s. China has also begun to expand its influence in the world by building the world’s largest trade routes through Southeast Asia.

The nation that controls trade controls the world. That is why the US is trying to put pressure on China in the South China Sea and threatening to go into North Korea, right on China’s border. Because China senses a decline in US power, they seem intent on continuing their initiative.

Will US leadership feel the need to use military force to hold on to its power? It’s looking like that’s the case with more intense pressure being put on North Korea, and Russia via Syria. Under the guise of fighting ISIS, the US is now invading Syria, a close Russian ally. The US has been shooting down Syrian Regime jets and the Russians have responded by warning the US that it would shoot down any of their jets that crossed the Euphrates River. If the US continues its westward push into Syria, it’s only a matter of time before they clash with Russia. Many other nations will join in the fight as they have an interest in seeing the US being knocked down a few pegs.

These are very dangerous times indeed. Please feel free to let me know in the comment section which you think is more probable, if either at all. Peace be with you all.”
A Comment: You look around in astonished wonder at just how incredibly crazy it all is. A total global economic collapse imminent, with an insanely incomprehensible $1.5 QUADRILLION of derivatives hanging by a thread over it all like the sword of Damocles; a $20 trillion "national debt", with $240 trillion in unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare; pension funds all going under- what happens to the people counting on that? States closing down into bankruptcy; chaos and lunatics with nothing better to do running wild in the streets; the very real possibility of a nuclear war; true unemployment rate of 24.5% with little or no hope left; companies failing into bankruptcy every day with 10,000 stores closing nation wide this year, and all that job loss and ripple effect social consequences; and you wonder, how could it all have gone so terribly, horrifyingly wrong? How?! I don't know, but some days I feel like this, just so sick of it all... and if you're paying attention, you probably do too.


  1. "I don't know, but some days I feel like this, just so sick of it all... and if you're paying attention, you probably do too."

    You're not alone CP.

    1. I know, my friend, I know... but onward we go! No other choice...
      Thanks for stopping by, always good to see you!

    2. I've been very busy for the past few months so I've only been lurking when I get a chance or putting up some posts to keep things running over at my place. :-). I think it's more disheartening to those that are paying attention because nothing can be done about the storm that's coming. On the other hand I wish I was like some of my friends. I ask if they heard about "this or that" and they give me a deer in the headlights look. No clue. It would be nice to life in that bubble. ( maybe. ). Stay safe !

    3. Best of luck at your place, love it! Exceptional photography! lol
      Oh yeah, understand too well that deer in the headlights look, ignorance truly is bliss I suppose, a shame I've always been self-compelled, forced, to find out what's really happening. So much I wish I didn't know sometimes... Yes, nothing at all we can do to prevent or change anything, try to warn them is all. Do what we can, and must, right? Keep up the great work at your place! Be safe, always...

  2. Hey CP, I feel you on the situation we all face. But in my better moments I take solace in knowing we have a President who is working hard to "fix" a lot of what has gone on for way too long. And he has only begun. I also consider that all the ills are similar to the ramp up of the Federal Deficit during Obozo's terms, going from $9B to almost $20B. Things were definitely out of control before he arrived but then he put things on steroids, the socialist version, and in destroying America, set us back quite a ways. But it is never too late and I think a lot of people are waking up to that fact and just like CNN is imploding, the Left and the Dems, well one and the same for the most part, are doing themselves in. They have gone off the rails and are losing.

    As for war, I don't see that threat being as strong. While economics have started wars in the past, there is still a lot to be done to make China reign in their bastard child NorKo, and make them feel the pain. The only way to make people change is to make them feel the pain. Same with Russia. Same with Iran.

    I can't guarantee it won't come to war but at least Trump is rebuilding the military which was basically gutted by Obozo and his socialist minions. He is rebuilding foreign alliances, calling people out instead of letting them have free reign all over the world and putting people on notice that freedom loving people will not idly stand by while they are put under the yoke of tyranny.

    Just think. He has only been president for a little over five months! Five months! And he has shaken things up all over the world and at home. I am loving it. He and his team are being smart, playing the long game and keeping their cards close to their vest. Nothing like the last administration that was simply a bunch of academic pikers.

  3. Excellent insights, Brother, thanks for sharing them. Hope still lives, it must, regardless all the evidence indicating otherwise. Being aware, and acknowledging reality, is no reason to give up, no matter how grim things may appear. And so, onward into the fray! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, always appreciated!