Friday, August 4, 2017

"AG Jeff Sessions Announces: 'Just Don’t Do It' Leak Prevention Initiative"

"AG Jeff Sessions Announces:
 'Just Don’t Do It' Leak Prevention Initiative"
by sundance

“A visibly angered U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a passionate press conference earlier today to announce a stunning new ant-leak initiative: Mr. Sessions has asked leakers to stop. Additionally, during the much heralded press conference with Deputy AD Rod Rosenstein and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Attorney General Sessions warned those who leak he is now talking to senior officers within the intelligence community.

The incredibly harsh “Just Don’t Do It” program, as launched by an obviously angered Sessions, includes three seismic measures. They are:

First: A jaw-dropping appointment of Rod Rosenstein to monitor the intelligence community for possible leaks.
Second: A strong conversation with the NSA (Mike Rogers) about possible help stopping leaks.
Third: A stern review of DOJ policies towards leak investigation standards.

The DC-based intelligence leaking community has officially been put on notice. No one expected the Attorney General to go this far. The “Just Don’t Do It” request has stunned and visibly shaken the anti-Trump forces in Washington. According to several DC officials, and sources who know a guy at Starbucks, “No one is safe now.”

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