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"Fukushima Update 8/18/18: 17,492.4 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow"

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
- Shiva

Updated August 18, 2018: Fukushima Equals 17,492.4 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow; There is No Place On Earth to Escape the Rad: The 3 melted-through cores of the destroyed reactors, now melted together into a single "corium" totaling over 600 tons, at Fukushima daily release the radioactive equivalent of 6.45 Hiroshima bombs directly into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. As of August 18, 2018 - 2,712 days since the disaster began - this equals the detonation of 17,492.5 Hiroshima atomic bombs and it is still going strong, with no end in sight, considering that the half-life of uranium-238 is about 4.47 billion years and that of uranium-235 is 704 million years. There is no technology on this planet to deal with this situation. Any "news" they allow you to see about "repairing" the damage is a LIE, and they know it. Now you do, too. 

There are only 336 cities on Earth with more than one million people. That is the equivalent of 52.06 Hiroshima atomic bombs apiece. Now add a minimum of 600 tons per day of highly radioactive ground and "coolant" water flowing directly into the Pacific Ocean, as it has for the last 2,712 days. This coolant water is not cooling down the reactor cores, since they've melted through already. What they are cooling is the many thousands of fuel rods stored in the ruined cooling pools directly above the now-empty reactor core chambers. If those rods are not cooled they will ignite and burn - a total catastrophe in itself.

You have an absolute right to be fully aware of this information, which is intended to inform, not frighten, you, though a full understanding of this situation is terrifying. Do your own research, consider and see with your own eyes the many mass Pacific die-off videos on YouTube. Verify all the information, and, as always, draw your own informed conclusions as to the consequences. - CP

Click image for larger size.
"Your Radiation This Week, August 18, 2018"
by Bob Nichols

"First thing, grasp the difficult concept that this is an ELE or Extinction Level Event. The deadly meltdown and dispersion of radioactive fuel throughout the world is on-going to this day. There is no escaping our fate, there are no solutions. No one is exempt. The radioactive particles are all over the world now. The Rad lethality will continue to increase because that is what Rad lethality does. The simple reason is some of the uranium decays to plutonium. When that happens the Rad count increases. Once set free, the change cannot be altered or stopped by anyone or anything. The Rad is the ultimate power and its mission is to kill You.

Lethality: There are 1,946 radioactive isotopes according to the Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab. In the Earth’s atmosphere all are produced by nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. There are no other sources. Lethality is the power to kill and injure. It exists and is measured by humans in deaths and in calculations. The perfectly odd thing about radiation is the Lethality goes up while the radioactivity goes down. That has killed many a person who only counted the radioactivity. This is perfectly logical when you recognize radioactive Isotopes change from one Isotope to another for billions of years. The Isotope Uranium changes to Plutonium and many others. Plutonium is the ultimate killing machine, so bad that the Medical Director of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, Dr. John Gofman, said “Plutonium 239 is the most dangerous substance in the universe.”

All of life on Earth is radioactive by now and it only took about 70 years. This is a planetary Death Sentence for all. Everyone is included. There is no way out. There is nothing we can do to stop it. The Rad will take us all out. Yeah, that includes all of us; plus the life driving around in our air, lakes, rivers and oceans. The Rad also nails the long lived remnants of the dinosaurs; y’know, the birds. They don’t have a prayer. All of us are included; none are left out. That is reality, anything else is just wishful thinking or a purposeful lie. The amount of Rad in the air now dooms Humanity to a relatively quick extinction. Done in by our own war toys, how moronic is that?! I can’t say it any plainer than that." 

"I added a new measurement that will help residents understand the Rad. The Rad is with us all 24/7 constantly. It never goes away. It is better to know what the Rad level is than to not know. Be prepared for a shock, these Year to Date totals are really big radiation numbers. Colorado Springs, Colorado is number one in the US right now having endured 46,136,977 Gamma CPM, or Counts per Minute, since January 1, 2017." This is a Bad situation for all exposed to the Rad. Now included all cities above 12,000,000 CPM Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation and its unpublished radioactive kin. A Count is One Radioactive Decay.

The United States is a very radioactive country. Records of Total Gamma Radiation are easily accessible with a computer at RadNet, a directorate of the EPA. RadNet simply presents the data. It is up to you to decide how much radiation is too much and what to do about it. Good luck on your efforts. As they say, “It’s complicated.”

I won’t try to kid you with good news lies and made up “facts.” Bottom-line, this is way too much radiation for humans to take. I despise the people-like animals responsible for this world wide calamity. I will continue the report as long as I am able. Continue to read and share as long as you are able. I will measure and characterize our shared demise to the best of my ability."
"Your Radiation This Week, August 18, 2018"

"Source RadNet Gamma radiation readings are taken hourly throughout the year. Radiation covers the US like a deadly blanket.The increase in Gamma radiation in the States this week, July 21, 2018, to July 28, 2018, was a high 80,308,895 cpm.This is an increase in only a week that is way too high a price to pay. See NEW DATA in the Colorado Springs, Colorado Radiation History 2006 – 2017, and the 2018 Annualized Rate of Gamma Rad.  Note: It is not really 11 years, just 9 years; Colorado Springs data was WITHHELD for 2006 and 2007, and continues to be WITHHELD by the PTB [Powers that Be]. I wonder what really happened around Colorado Springs in 2006 and 2007, don’t you?"

Read the entire article and see the sortable TABLE OF POISONED AMERICAN CITIES MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 30 – Plus More Cities
"Aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, 100 miles offshore of Fukushima: "During that March 13 phone call, Cleveland wrote, Troy Mueller - the deputy administrator for naval reactors at the US Department of Energy - said the radiation was the equivalent of “about 30 times what you would detect just on a normal air sample out at sea.” “So it's much greater than what we had thought,” Mueller reportedly warned other American officials after taking samples on the Reagan. “We didn't think we would detect anything at 100 miles.” After Mueller made that remark, according to Cleveland’s transcript, Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman asked him if those levels were “significantly higher than anything you would have expected.” He responded yes. When Poneman later asked Mueller, “How do the levels detected compare with what is permissible?” Mueller said those on the scene could suffer irreversible harm from the radiation within hours. “If it were a member of the general public, it would take- well, it would take about 10 hours to reach a limit,” he said. At that point, Mueller added, “It’s a thyroid dose issue.” If people are exposed to levels beyond the Protective Action Guideline threshold released by the Energy Department, Cleveland acknowledged in his report, radiation could have ravaged their thyroid glands."
"German Analysis of Certain Isotopes after Meltdown: Hold on to your hat. In 1992 Germany calculated that in reactor meltdowns like Fukushima Daiichi the radioactive isotope Strontium 90 would aggressively poison the environment for 109.2 years and then decline slowly over the next 273 years. Of course, we will ALL be long dead by then. Other deadly Rad isotopes put Strontium 90’s generous life span to shame. The German study is here for those brave enough to tackle it. Source: The IAEA: Dispersion of radionuclides and radiation exposure after leaching by groundwater of a solidified core-concrete melt by Bayer, A.; Tromm, W.; Al-Omari, I. (Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)) from 8. International congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA8)"
"What We Know Now about Fukushima" 
by Bob Nichols

"Here is what was known 75 days after reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor Plant started a disastrous and lethal nuclear meltdown on March 11, 2011:

• March 11, 14:46, a One Million Kiloton Earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale hammered Japan off-shore near the six Japanese reactors. The reactors attempted to shut down automatically when electronic sensors detected the earthquake. The huge earthquake dropped the reactors three feet, moved Japan 8 inches to the West and altered the tilt of the Axis of planet Earth.

• March 11, about 15:30, the giant Earthquake caused a tsunami up to 30 meters (98.4 Ft) high washed away all the fuel tanks for the reactors Emergency Generators and all the reactors’ outside electrical feeds. This was the Death Blow to the reactors. The Fukushima Daiichi reactors were dead in the water and their fate sealed. Without an external source of electricity for the water pumps and hot reactors, they are just so much radioactive scrap iron – good for nothing. The internal temperature of the reactors started climbing immediately.

• March 11, about 18:00, only two and a half hours later, multiple reactor cores started melting down as the reactors internal temperatures skyrocketed to the melting point of uranium and beyond – a measured 1,718 Deg C (3,124.4 Deg F) past the melting point. Uranium melts at 1,132.2 Deg C (2,069.9 Deg F.) The internal reactor temperatures reached at least 2,850 Deg C, (5,162 Deg F.) The millions of 1 mm Uranium fuel pellets in the reactors and in the core pools had no defense at all without the powerful water pumps and millions of gallons of cooling water against those temperatures.

The Uranium pellets simply melted forming a white hot lava-like radioactive uranium isotope blob that then burned through the high temperature steel around the graphite seals of the General Electric Mark 1 Reactor Control Rods at the bottom of the American submarine-based reactor design of US Navy Admiral Hyman Rickover, now deceased. (General Electric copied the US Government financed Navy nuclear reactor design for many commercial nuclear reactors.) The radioactive blobs trickled together to form a huge, highly radioactive, burning lava blob like that of Chernobyl, called a "corium".

• The corium is releasing as much as a TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) measured 10 Quadrillion (10,000 Trillion Bq) radioactive counts per second of deadly radioactive smoke particles into the Earth’s atmosphere. As of May, 2011, the invisible, killing radioactive smoke is already all over the Northern Hemisphere and everyone in it – each and every one – is radiologically contaminated. Note that the lethality of radioactive reactor cores goes up the first 250,000 years they are out of the reactor – not down.

• This much is known. All radioactive exposures are cumulative for each human, animal and plant. What’s more, mutated genetic codes are passed on to offspring forever. This means all Japanese and all Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are suffering internal radioactive contamination from Fukushima Daiichi reactors already."

Fukushima Equals 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses: Dr Paolo Scampa, a widely know EU Physicist, single handedly popularized the easily understood Lethal Doses concept. “Lethal Doses” is a world wide, well understood idea that strips Physics bare and offers a brilliant, understandable explanation for all the physics gobbledygook Intelligence agencies and their respective governments use to disguise the brutal truths of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster. Three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) (3 Trillion) Lethal Doses of Radiation means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell."

A Search of this blog will reveal over 400 posts about Fukushima, covered since day one. This is to inform you, not frighten you, since there's nothing whatsoever we can do about it anyway, and you'll never in your life hear anything about it in the lying MSM. Believe what you will, and need to. 
- CP

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Musical Interlude: Adiemus, “Adiemus”

Adiemus, “Adiemus”

"A Look to the Heavens"

“The Sleeping Beauty galaxy may appear peaceful at first sight but it is actually tossing and turning. In an unexpected twist, recent observations have shown that the gas in the outer regions of this photogenic spiral is rotating in the opposite direction from all of the stars! Collisions between gas in the inner and outer regions are creating many hot blue stars and pink emission nebula. 
Click image for larger size.
The above image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2001 and released in 2004. The fascinating internal motions of M64, also cataloged as NGC 4826, are thought to be the result of a collision between a small galaxy and a large galaxy where the resultant mix has not yet settled down.“

The Poet: Edwin Muir, "The Way"

"The Way"

"Friend, I have lost the way.
The way leads on.
Is there another way?
The way is one.
I must retrace the track.
It's lost and gone.
Back, I must travel back!
None goes there, none.
Then I'll make here my place,
(The road leads on),
Stand still and set my face,
(The road leaps on),
Stay here, for ever stay.
None stays here, none.
I cannot find the way.
The way leads on.
Oh places I have passed!
That journey's done.
And what will come at last?
The road leads on."
~ Edwin Muir,
 "Collected Poems"

"We Have An Expectation..."

“It goes against the American storytelling grain to have someone in a situation he can't get out of, but I think this is very usual in life. There are people, particularly dumb people, who are in terrible trouble and never get out of it, because they're not intelligent enough. It strikes me as gruesome and comical that in our culture we have an expectation that man can always solve his problems. This is so untrue that it makes me want to cry - or laugh.”
- Kurt Vonnegut

The Economy 8/17/18: Gregory Mannarino, X22 Report

Gregory Mannarino, “Post Market Wrap Up 8/17/18: 
Market Rigging Is About To Get Worse”
X22 Report: “The Establishment Is Now Pushing The Economic Recession Agenda”

Chet Raymo, “Love In The Afternoon”

“Love In The Afternoon”
by Chet Raymo

“Oh, if only it were that simple. We human males must woo and coo and wash dishes and vacuum and buy roses and provide candlelight and wine and whisper "God, you look beautiful tonight" and who knows what else to entice our partners into bed. The male fruitfly need only sing. Well, not sing exactly. He vibrates one wing, just one, to make what one assumes is a pleading sort of noise. If the song is satisfactory, the female fly allows copulation.

Female fruitflies don't sing, which has long suggested that they lack the neural circuitry to produce the wing vibrations. Now, in a clever series of experiments reported in the journal Cell - involving photoactivation of neurons and the chopping off of heads - researchers have shown that females have the same song circuitry as males, located in the thorax. They can sing too. But their brains tell them not to. The difference in behavior has been traced to a dimorphic command center in the brain. Female fruitfly brains are different than male fruitfly brains.

As if that's telling us something we didn't already know.

Inhibition, the biologists call it. A cluster of neurons in the female's brain inhibits the wing-fluttering behavior. Male insect brains inhibit certain behaviors too. Some biologists believe the female praying mantis bites off her partner's head to improve his sexual performance. This seems a rather drastic way to overcome his inhibitions. Humans are more inclined to rely - counterproductively, perhaps - on alcohol.

Anyway, it's all rather complicated. The sexes will never understand each other, regardless of species. We have these packets of neurons all over our bodies urging us to do certain things, and other packets telling us not to. Someday biologists may figure it out, using brains scans, genomes, photoexcitation of neurons, and other techniques yet to come. For myself, I'd just as soon not know what's going on at all those synaptic centers of excitation and inhibition. Everything I know about sex, I learned at the movies."

The Daily "Near You?"

Botosani, Romania. Thanks for stopping by!

"A Refining Process..."

"Life is a refining process. Our response to it determines whether we'll be ground down or polished up. On a piano, one person sits down and plays sonatas, while another merely bangs away at "Chopsticks." The piano is not responsible. It's how you touch the keys that makes the difference. It's how you play what life gives you that determines your joy and shine."
- Barbara Johnson

"The Stability of America's Status Quo Is an Illusion"

"Interest Rates and Civilization"
by Brian Maher

"We have it on superb authority - the Institute of International Finance - that the world is presently $247 trillion in debt. That figure, dear reader, represents a record high. Global debt has surged $9 trillion since Jan. 1 alone… and $30 trillion since the close of 2016. Were you aware that global debt is rising nearly three times the rate of global wealth? Meantime, global interest rates remain near record lows - despite recent nods in the other direction. Never in history has debt scaled such heights… never have interest rates plumbed such depths. Each fact is remarkable in itself. But taken together?

Today we connect the dots… see how they all tuck together… and tease out the implications.

Richard Sylla professes economics at New York University. He is also co-author of "A History of Interest Rates" (available through Amazon at a bargain-bin $63 per). This book canvasses 5,000 years of interest rates, from ancient Babylonia to the glories of Greece and Rome, the Renaissance, the age of empires, all the way through to the 21st century.

Each historical epoch is distinct.

The investigator hunting meaningful comparisons between eras can be easily thrown off the scent, and end down a blind alley.

Yet despite the false leads and dead ends, Sylla believes he’s penetrated the mysteries of interest rate cycles throughout history: “It seems like there is a U-shaped cycle for each civilization.” Beginning at the top left of the “U,” interest rates begin a downward cycle. Critically, Sylla’s research shows that as interest rates fall, civilizations rise. Civilizations crest as interest rates near the bottom of the “U.” These civilizational heights bring heroic deeds… great achievements… and golden ages.

Sylla claims this pattern was visible with Babylon, Greece, Rome. In each case, Sylla observes “a progressive decline in interest rates as the nation or culture developed and throve.” Near the turn of the 20th century, famous Austrian economist Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk glimpsed the same phenomenon. Writes Sylla: "Böhm-Bawerk declared that the cultural level of a nation is mirrored by its rate of interest: The higher a people’s intelligence and moral strength, the lower the rate of interest." (Caveat: We speak here of market interest rates - before central banking in its current form.)

But eventually the gods grow anxious of man’s advancing knowledge, his increasing achievements, his ascent up Olympus. They know the solution… The gods begin to tinker with man’s interest rates. Rates start rising off the bottom of the “U,” up the right side of the slope. The burden of accumulated debt rises with them. The added weight throws chains upon civilization, the flame of achievement flickers, and it finally fades. In this manner, each civilization Sylla studied “declined and fell.”

The message, clear as gin: Civilization rises with falling interest rates. Fattened by debt… civilization falls with rising interest rates.

Now come home… The year is 2018. Interest rates have begun to rise recently - if slowly - and haltingly. They still remain at lows unseen in recorded history, besides a brief spell during the Great Depression: 
But all cycles end, and history will not be forever put off. Rates will return to “normal” one day. If rates rise meaningfully in the years to come, is civilization in for a sharp “decline and fall” as befell civilizations past? Sylla thinks yes, it’s possible: "We might say that our current low interest rates indicate that we’re at one of the high points of our civilization. Maybe things will get worse from now on."

Recall that civilizations gorge on debt in a falling rate environment, and collapse under that debt as interest rates rise. Let us now redirect our focus to a unique form of civilization - American civilization. U.S. interest rates have been in steady decline since their 1981 peak. Meantime, the national debt has exploded: today the national debt runs to $21 trillion - and counting.
How will America service that debt if rates return to historically normal levels? We hadn’t the heart to run the numbers. Financial analyst Daniel Amerman did: If the interest rate on that debt were to rise by even 1%, the annual federal deficit rises by $200 billion. A 2% increase in interest rate levels would up the federal deficit by $400 billion, and if rates were 5% higher, the annual federal deficit rises by a full $1 trillion per year. Incidentally… 5% higher are rates well within historical norms. If interest rates do rise to historical levels and their relationship to civilization holds true… Perhaps we should all light a candle for civilization…

Below, Charles Hugh Smith shows you why the stability of America’s status quo is an “illusion.” What comes next? Read on."
"The Stability of America's Status Quo Is an Illusion"
By Charles Hugh Smith

"One of the enduring mysteries of the past decade is why inflation has remained tame while the central bank and government have pumped trillions of dollars of newly created money into the economy. Millions of words have been written about this, and so some shortcuts will have to be taken to make sense of it in one essay.

Let's start with the basics. Adding newly created money but not generating new goods and services of the same value reduces the purchasing power of existing money. To keep it simple: say the economy of a country is $20 trillion. (Hey, the U.S. GDP is $20 trillion...) Say its money supply is $10 trillion.

So banks and/or the government create $2 trillion in new money but the value of goods and services only expands by $1 trillion. The "extra" $1 trillion of newly created money reduces the value of all existing money. In effect, the new money robs purchasing power from all existing money. Those holding existing money have lost purchasing power while the recipients of the new money receive purchasing power they didn't have prior to receiving the new money.

As debt has soared (and remember, debt is "new money" loaned into existence), GDP has risen at a much lower rate, so the ratio of debt to GDP has skyrocketed. So what if debt has blown past GDP? We've been paying our obligations with debt for the past decade. The debt to GDP ratio has skyrocketed as GDP has inched higher while debt has exploded. (Remove the fictitious "growth" in GDP and the picture worsens significantly.)

The steepening trajectory of debt is sustainable in a stagnating real economy with stagnating wages for the bottom 95% of the populace.

Federal, state and local governments pay interest on all the money they borrow to fund deficit spending, i.e. every dollar spent above and beyond tax revenues. All that interest is an increasing obligation that must be paid in the future. Borrowing more to pay interest increases the interest payments due in the future - a classic self-reinforcing runaway feedback loop.

Politicians get re-elected by increasing entitlements and obligations without regard to how they will be funded. "Growth" will effortlessly take care of everything - that's the centerpiece assumption of all conventional economics, free-market, Keynesian and socialist alike.

The core constituencies of politicians are government employees and contractors, as these interest groups are funded by the government, which is nominally managed by elected officials and their appointees.

Nobody's more generous (or demanding) than those feeding directly at the government trough. (By "contractors" I mean the vast array of Corporate America cartels that feed off government spending: defense, Big Pharma, Higher Education, etc.) The obligations that have been promised are expanding at a nearly exponential rate, as healthcare costs continue to soar and the number of government pensioners is rising rapidly. The tax revenues required to fund these obligations are far outstripping the income and wealth of the bottom 95% of the populace.

Here's the uncomfortable reality: the means to pay all these future obligations - the real-world economy, and the wealth and income of the vast majority of the populace - are far too modest to fund the fast-expanding obligations, which include interest due on the ever-increasing mountain of public and private debt.

Put these dynamics together and you get one outcome: the federal government cannot possibly pay all its obligations out of tax revenues nor can it raise taxes high enough to do so without gutting tax revenues via a recession. The only way to pay all these future obligation is by creating new money, which in a stagnant, dysfunctional economy can only reduce the purchasing power of the currency, in effect robbing every holder of the currency of wealth and income.

Where "inflation" shows up depends on who gets the newly created money: the wealthy few or the wage-earning many. Wage earners who receive new money tend to save some of it but they also spend some of it.

But in our system, all newly issued money goes to banks, financiers and corporations - the super-wealthy few. So what do already-wealthy people and companies do with trillions in new money? They buy assets - stocks and bonds and real estate.

The net result of giving all the new money to the wealthy is the inflation of an asset bubble, which is precisely what's happened in the past decade. Real estate: bubble. Corporate debt: bubble. Stocks: bubble. Real-world inflation is certainly higher than official inflation, but the real inflation is in assets, which have tripled or quadrupled in a mere decade. The inevitable consequence of asset inflation is rising income and wealth inequality. The wealthy few have gorged on assets with all the newly issued credit-money, and as the assets soared in value, they've become immensely wealthier.

But a funny thing happens on the way to extremes of wealth/income inequality: social unrest, disorder, revolt. The lackeys and apologists that serve the interests of the wealthy few label this "populism." But it's really just the inevitable response to extremes of wealth/income inequality generated by funneling trillions in new credit-money to the wealthy few at the expense of wage-earners and holders of existing money.

To quell the revolt of the many, the Powers That Be will create trillions in new money and helicopter-drop it to the masses. This mass distribution of newly created money will flow into the real-world economy, not assets, and so the inflation will manifest in goods and services. This helicopter drop of newly created money will be called pensions, Universal Basic Income, tax subsidies, negative tax rates, etc. There are a lot of names for distributing newly created money that's been borrowed into existence.

This is precisely what Venezuela has been doing for a decade: distributing newly created money that isn't matched by a corresponding increase in the production of goods and services. And as we know, the result of this has been the complete destruction of the purchasing power of Venezuela's money.

"That can't happen here" is just what the Venezuelans thought five years ago. But really, it boils down to math: creating money out of thin air and pumping it into a dysfunctional economy destroys the purchasing power of the existing money. Those receiving the new money are like a snake eating its own tail.

Real-world inflation will blow the doors off every forecast of low inflation forever.

From the point of view of the wealthy few who control the status quo in the U.S., they have a stark choice: either continue pushing wealth/income inequality to extremes that trigger social and political revolt, which puts their control at risk, or create and distribute trillions in "free money." They know this generates inflation, but the increases in the value of their assets have always far outstripped real-world inflation, so they don't care about inflation. That's for little people to worry about.

But what the wealthy few are forgetting is rip-roaring inflation destroys the system just as surely as wealth/income inequality. Just ask the Venezuelans how effective creating new money has been in terms of eliminating poverty: now their entire populace is impoverished, with the only exceptions being the wealthy few in control of the status quo.

The stability of America's status quo is illusory. ‘Can't happen here’ is going to ring mighty hollow in five years."

Ahh, Sweet Levity! "Some Girls are Hard to Impress"

"Some Girls are Hard to Impress"
Hat tip to Jeffery in Alabama at
for the much needed laugh!

Hey! It was either that, or this:
  MIT Computer Model Predicts Dramatic Drop In Quality Of Life To 2020,
 “End Of Civilization” By 2040
Social Security Fails
Lies and cover-ups: Catholic church in Pennsylvania had 
‘playbook’ to keep priest abuse secret, FBI said
 S&P Downgrades Turkey To B+, Forecasts "Recession" And "Hard Landing"
 "Unless Erdogan Changes Course," El-Erian Warns Of
 "Much Wider Damage... Not Just In Turkey"

And some days all of "this" makes me feel like Snuffy the Seal!

Musical Interlude: Bruce Springsteen, “My Hometown”

Bruce Springsteen, “My Hometown”

"A World Of Lies..."

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies. One of the hardest things to accept is that the reality of our world is buried under so many layers of official deception and well-cultivated public ignorance about our history and our political system. Even if you break through somehow, momentarily, and hold up a fragment of the truth, most people have no context for dealing with it. It's like a bolt from the blue, they can't process the information. And so the sea of lies closes over us again, and again, and again.

But I don't know what else we can do, except to keep on telling as much of the truth as we can find, to anyone who will listen: reclaiming reality, fragment by fragment, one person at a time. It's an endless task - maybe a hopeless task - but the alternative is a surrender to the worst elements in our society - and in ourselves."
- Chris Floyd,

"How It Really Is"

"The Three-headed Monster"

"The Three-headed Monster"
by James Howard Kunstler

"The faction that used to be the Democratic party can be described with some precision these days as a three-headed monster driving the nation toward danger, darkness, and incoherence. Anyone interested in defending what remains of the sane center of American politics take heed:

The first head is the one infected with the toxic shock of losing the 2016 election. The illness took hold during the campaign that year when the bureaucracy under President Obama sent its lymphocytes and microphages in the “intel community” - especially the leadership of the FBI - to attack the perceived disease that the election of Donald Trump represented. The “doctors” of this Deep State diagnosed the condition as “Russian collusion.” An overdue second opinion by doctors outside the Deep State adduced later that the malady was actually an auto-immune disease.

The agents actually threatening the health of the state came from the intel community itself: Mr. Brennan, Mr. Clapper, Mr. Comey, Mr. Strzok, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Ohr, Ms. Yates. Ms. Page, et. al. who colluded with pathogens in the DNC, the Hillary campaign, and the British intel service to chew up and spit out Mr. Trump as expeditiously as possible. With the disease now revealed by hard evidence, the chief surgeon called into the case, Robert Mueller, is left looking ridiculous - and perhaps subject to malpractice charges - for trying to remove an appendix-like organ called the Manifort from the body politic instead of attending to the cancerous mess all around him. Meanwhile, the Deep State can’t stop running its mouth - The New York Times, CNN, WashPo, et al - in an evermore hysterical reaction to the truth of the matter: the Deep State itself colluded with Russia (and perhaps hates itself for it, a sure recipe for mental illness).

The second head of this monster is a matrix of sinister interests seeking to incite conflict with Russia in order to support arms manufacturers, black box “security” companies, congressmen-on-the-take, and an army of obscenely-rewarded Washington lobbyists in concert with the military and a rabid neocon intellectual think-tank camp wishing to replay the cold war and perhaps even turn up the temperature with some nuclear fire. They are apparently in deep confab with the first head and its Russia collusion storyline. Note all the current talk about Russia already meddling in the 2018 midterm election, a full-fledged pathogenic hallucination.

This second head functions by way of a displacement-projection dynamic. We hold war games on the Russian border and accuse them of “aggression.” We engineer and pay for a coup against the elected government of Ukraine, and accuse Russia of aggression. We bust up one nation after another in Middle East and complain indignantly when Russia acts to keep Syria from becoming the latest failed state. We disrupt the Russian economy with sanctions, and the Russian banking system with a cut-off of SWIFT international currency clearing privileges, and accuse them of aggression. This mode of behavior used to be known as “poking the bear,” a foolish and hazardous endeavor. The sane center never would have stood for this arrant recklessness. The world community is not fooled, though. More and more, they recognize the USA as a national borderline personality, capable of any monstrous act.

The third head of this monster is the one aflame with identity politics. It arises from a crypto-gnostic wish to change human nature to escape the woes and sorrows of the human condition - for example, the terrible tensions of sexuality. Hence, the multiplication of new sexual categories as a work-around for the fundamental terrors of human reproduction as represented by the differences between men and women. Those differences must be abolished, and replaced with chimeras that enable a childish game of pretend, men pretending to be women and vice-versa in one way or another: LBGTQ etc. Anything BUT the dreaded “cis-hetero” purgatory of men and women acting like men and women. The horror….

Its companion is the race hustle and its multicultural operating system. The objective has become transparent over the past year, with rising calls to punish white people for the supposed “privilege” of being Caucasian and pay “reparations” in one way or another to underprivileged  “people of color.” This comes partly from the infantile refusal to understand that life is difficult for everybody, and that the woes and sorrows of being in this world require fortitude and intelligence to get through - with the final reward being absolutely the same for everybody."

"We’re In The Exact Same Spot We Were In August 2008"

"We’re In The Exact Same Spot We Were In August 2008"
by CEO Technician

"Bob Moriarty, founder of 321gold, has a knack for cutting through the ocean of noise that’s out there and getting to the meat of what’s important to an investor. As commodities and emerging markets come under increasing pressure on a daily basis Bob sees a storm just over the horizon that will “change everyone’s lifestyle over the next six months”. The world is awash in debt and the recent US dollar strength is causing tremors in far away places like Turkey and China, but make no mistake, nobody will be left untouched by the crisis that is coming. Without further ado here is Energy & Gold’s rather lively and far reaching August 2018 conversation with Bob Moriarty…

Goldfinger: Last week you wrote a piece saying that you were early with your bottom call at the end of June, but now we’re at a real bottom. On Friday afternoon I published a piece highlighting the extreme positioning we’re seeing in gold futures via the CoT data. There are also a number of other factors that are all lining up right now which point to a tremendous buying opportunity in gold and gold mining shares.

Bob Moriarty: I think what’s going on in Turkey and in the banking system overall is floating over into gold. I think we’re in the exact same spot we were in August 2008 where people were dumping everything they could in order to get liquidity. And in that case i’m glad to be wrong because when we come out of this the gold price is going to explode higher. This thing in Turkey is a lot more serious than people realize, the entire world is on the edge of a precipice financially. The world is awash in debt and the piper has just come to the door saying that he needs to be paid.

Goldfinger: You are calling for a broader equities market crash in September or October, and it feels like some of the ingredients are lining up for that to happen. The S&P 500 is still near all-time highs and there is still a great deal of complacency out there, what’s it going to take to finally tip this thing over?

Bob Moriarty: This is how it always is just before a crash. We have a situation very similar to the very top in bitcon back in December where there were all kinds of tremors going on and it was obvious to see in hindsight that it was a bubble. We know that every country in the world is bankrupt and we just kicked a hornet’s nest in Turkey. To blame it all on Turkey is just rubbish, and it could have major impacts upon Spanish and French banks that have gotten involved in Turkey in the last decade.

Meanwhile, in China the peer-to-peer banking system is crashing and it’s turning out to be similar to bitcoin because most of it is fraud. Now whether the absolute crash happens in September,  October, or November I don’t know and I don’t really care. The same as whether the absolute bottom in gold happens in July, August, or September I don’t know and I don’t really care. When gold comes out of this, as it will, the forces that are in play are explosive.

Goldfinger: The macro question I see right now that’s crucial for getting gold right is trying to figure out whether we are in an inflationary or a disinflationary global economic environment. We are experiencing a lot of disinflationary headwinds right now, which include a strong US dollar, trade tensions, central bank monetary policy tightening, and emerging market panics in Argentina and Turkey etc. What is going to change these disinflationary headwinds into inflationary tailwinds?

Bob Moriarty: Strange enough it will be the collapse of the US dollar as the global reserve currency. Gold is an insurance policy against stupidity, and we’ve got more stupidity going on in the world today than I have ever seen in my life. Trump has unleashed something in Turkey that he doesn’t even understand, he just kicked a hornet’s nest and in September or October we’re going to learn about the consequences of twenty years of unlimited spending globally. When the dollar collapses people will lose faith in the global monetary system and there will be a rush into gold like we’ve never seen before.

Goldfinger: So you think we’re seeing a final short covering squeeze in the US Dollar Index right now that will reverse sharply to the downside over the next few months?

Bob Moriarty: The world is awash in debt and all of that debt is worth about as much as used toilet paper. The US Dollar Index could break over 100 in the next few weeks but then I expect countries who hold US Treasury debt to begin liquidating that toilet paper at a rapid pace. The emperor has no clothes and piper has come to get paid.

Goldfinger: Delving a bit more deeply into the Turkey situation, it seems that Trump has the upper hand here due to Turkey’s fragile economy. However, by raising aluminum and steel tariffs to very high levels and sanctioning Turkey in other ways he has set in motion an economic disaster for a country that at one point seemed to be on the brink of joining the EU. Trump has also been throwing his weight around with China, pushing our largest trading partner to the brink of economic trouble. How far can Trump use this trade war leverage before something really bad happens?

Bob Moriarty: That’s a really good question. The US continues to isolate itself from the rest of the world. On behalf of Sheldon Adelson who owns and operates President Trump (he bought him for $30 million) first of all we moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem contrary to international law. What’s happening in Gaza is criminal beyond all belief, I mean the US paid for all of those bullets. Sheldon Adelson has an irrational hatred for Iran, Iran’s not an enemy of the US but the mad men in charge of US politics want to attack both Russian and Iran. So we put sanctions on Iran, and we told China that they can’t buy oil from Iran and China said “Watch us!” What Trump is doing is destroying the United States by misusing its power. Now I’m going to ask you an interesting question, what was it that Turkey did that Trump is so pissed about?

Goldfinger: They jailed an American pastor, and I think there may have been some promise to release the pastor that was not kept.

Bob Moriarty: There was a coup d’etat in Turkey in July 2016 and Turkey blamed this coup on a pastor named Gulen who lives in Pennsylvania so Turkey arrested a US pastor in Turkey to put pressure on the United States. Now there’s a real good chance that the American pastor is CIA and that’s why Trump is trying so hard to get him. But we are literally destroying Turkey’s economy in order to retrieve an American pastor. Who gives a damn about this guy? Now when you’ve got one thousand dominoes stacked up you don’t knock over a single domino because you could collapse the whole thing. Now let me ask you another question, when bank’s advertise that they’ve got a billion dollars in assets what exactly are those assets?

Goldfinger: Loans to consumers (mortgages, credit cards, etc.) or small business loans.

Bob Moriarty: That’s right. But according to banking lore the safest thing you can invest in is loans from other banks. So banks are invested in one another’s bonds. What happens when one bank collapses?

Goldfinger: A bunch of them collapse like we saw in September 2008.

Bob Moriarty: That’s right, they all collapse. The banking system is made up of loans to individuals, loans to small businesses, loans to corporations, etc. And these loans are made using tremendous leverage which creates the potential domino effect. All you need is a small percentage of a bank’s ‘assets’ (loan portfolio)  to go bad and the whole thing comes tumbling down. In 2008 we should have let the banking system collapse and we didn’t. Now if it happens again the Fed is out of ammunition. If the Federal Reserve goes out and starts handing out trillions of dollars you’re going to see inflation explode like something that’s never been seen before.

Goldfinger: Right now it sounds like we have all the ingredients for a deflationary bust and we might be seeing the first signs of that with the recent weakness in emerging markets and commodities.

Bob Moriarty: Absolutely! Once all those fake assets around the world go bust that’s exactly what’s going to happen. But you’ve got to realize that the central banks and governments are going to try to inflate their way out of any bust, but it won’t work this time. All those fake assets are going to evaporate and that is highly deflationary.

Goldfinger: To be a precious metals bull right now do I have to hope for more global central bank balance sheet expansion?

Bob Moriarty: Nope, that makes it too complicated. Here’s how you should think of it more simply. You’ve got a T-bill in your left hand and an ounce of gold in your right hand. At the end of the day which one is going to have value?

Goldfinger: The ounce of gold.

Bob Moriarty: That’s it.

Goldfinger: Turning to the White House. If this isn’t end of empire stuff I don’t know what is. Is this the most absurd soap opera playing out in Washington or what?

Bob Moriarty: Of course it is, this is the end of the empire. Did Hillary Clinton steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders?

Goldfinger: Yes.

Bob Moriarty: We know that Hillary Clinton stole the democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, we also know she did about $80 million in money laundering when money that was supposed to go to the DNC actually went to her. And we also have a good idea that Hillary Clinton and her allies tried to steal the election from Trump with the help of the DOJ, CIA, FBI, NIA, and NSA. This is the first time in history that all of these government agencies tried to rig the election. To hear Peter Strzok testify that he hated Donald Trump and he was the guy in charge of investing Hillary Clinton. Did he do a good job of investigating Hillary Clinton?

Goldfinger: Obviously not.

Bob Moriarty: That was the biggest whitewash ever. How could he not find her guilty of wrongdoing? We even later found out that the Chinese had intercepted 30,000 emails from Hillary because she was using an insecure server. When you talk about Donald Trump being a buffoon, a narcissist, and an idiot, which are all true you have to realize that the alternative was Hillary. We know damn well that Hillary Clinton was a crook and liar. So the voters were given two very poor options and they chose the narcissistic buffoon over the liar and cheat.

Goldfinger: There was a great article that I read over the weekend and it was titled “All Things Fall Apart” and the point the author made was that U.S. voters have moved to the extremes, extremes that may have only been seen twice before (before the civil war in 1860 and in the 1930s before WW2). So we are moving closer to a breaking point at which point something catastrophic will occur (civil war, revolution, major military confrontation with an adversarial nation, etc.).

Bob Moriarty: It’s much more likely to be a revolution than a civil war. When you see someone like John Brennan (former CIA Director) accuse the President of treason for inviting Putin to Washington, how is that treason? Isn’t the President supposed to be diplomatic with other global powers? There is a coup d’etat underway by the deep state and it’s plain as day. Have we ever had an idiot as President?

Goldfinger: Yes, George W. Bush.

Bob Moriarty: Exactly. We’ve had senile Presidents (Reagan) and we’ve had idiot Presidents. We can survive those, but what we can’t survive is treason. The deep state can’t be allowed to undermine a sitting President of the United States. The FBI shouldn’t be allowed to determine who the President is. This financial crisis that is here now, that is showing up in Argentina, China, Turkey, and the EU is going to change everything. Everybody’s lifestyle is going to change dramatically in the next six months and everybody including those who were prepared are going to end up paying a price of some kind. You cannot have that much debt without everybody being injured, the only question is how injured are you going to be."