Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Breaking Story! "In Major Escalation, Israel Retaliates For Allegedly "Severe" Iranian Shelling Out Of Syria"

"In Major Escalation, Israel Retaliates For Allegedly 
"Severe" Iranian Shelling Out Of Syria"
by Tyler Durden

"1. Trump withdraws from Iran Nuclear Deal.
2.Israel Instantly activates bomb Shelters in Golan Heights.
3.Israel reports unusual Iranian activity in Syria border areas.
4. Sources/Reports begin discussing imminent threat of Iranian led attacks on Israel from Syria.
5. Israel strikes Al-Kisweh industrial area around Damascus with two rockets.
6. Syrian State Media claims two further rockets were downed.
7. Reports that Eight Iranians among 15 foreign pro-government fighters were killed in the attack which took place yesterday.
8. Israel continues a steady build up of troops/tanks on Syrian border this morning.
9. Heavy Israeli air activity over the Golan Heights today.
10. Israeli rocket flies over Qunaitra going towards Damascus, Syrian air defense fired at it.
11. Reports claim that the rocket was downed South East of Damascus, Israeli Jets still heavily present in the skies.
12. Numerous artillery and mortar strikes from Israel targeted areas around Al-Baath City in Qunaitra province.
13. Israeli Tanks firing at Syrian positions also, no reports of casualties so far.
14. Sirens reportedly heard on Israeli side of border.
15. Numerous Israeli strikes now reported in Hadar in Qunaitra.
16. Syrian air defense firing at Israeli rockets targeting Hadar in Qunaitra.
17. Al- Mayadeen reporting numerous Syrian army strikes (Mortars, Artillery) on Israeli positions near border with Syria. Most of the Syrian missiles fired at #Israel were reportedly intercepted by the Iron Dome.
18. Pro Gov Al-Mayadeen stating that 4 Israeli locations have been targeted.
19. Reports of more Israeli strikes on Hadar in Qunaitra.

* * *
Israel is retaliating against what it has described as an attack by Iranian forces out of Syria on its forward defensive line in the border region of the Golan Heights. The attack began around midnight Wednesday. Both Israeli and Syrian media have reported shelling and explosions in their territory. According to al-Mayadeen Syrian forces shelled 10 positions of the Israeli Army with rockets, and several vehicles were targeted with guided missiles."
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This could spin totally out of control so fast... World War III, anyone?

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