Friday, May 25, 2018

Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Wrap-Up 5/25/18"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 5/25/18"
By Greg Hunter’s 

"Trump canceled the June 12th summit with Kim Jung Un, and the North Korean leader is back within hours wanting to continue the talks. What gives? Why so crazy? North Korea is China’s crown jewel of crazy, and it is not going to give that up without getting major concessions from Trump on trade and the South China Sea. Anyone thinking the U.S. is negotiating with North Korea is nuts. The U.S., in reality, is in negotiations with China, and that is why this is going to be drawn out.

It’s now called “Spygate,” and it makes Watergate look like a water balloon fight. This is the biggest scandal in U.S. history. The Obama Administration tried to frame Donald Trump for conspiring with the Russians and used every dirty trick in the book to try to take him down, including the use of spies in his campaign. People are going to be jailed over this one, and I mean top people. This is treason against the Constitution and our elections.

Is the economy really doing that well? Lots of data says parts of the economy are NOT doing well at all.  Is the Fed going to raise interest rates? Is the Fed going to be forced to bring back easy money and reverse course to save a faltering economy just before the midterms?"

"Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up."

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