Saturday, May 26, 2018

"The Most Beautiful Sentence in the English Language?"

"The Most Beautiful Sentence in the English Language?"
by William Crawley

"I tweated a link to the 100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language (as chosen by Dr. Goodword). This prompted some twittering from my esteemed followers. Steve Goddard, over at Ship of Fools, has been in touch with news that he's been encouraging his readers to construct a sentence using those same beautiful words. Money quote:

"Demurely, I gambolled in my bucolic bungalow, brooding on a dalliance with an eloquent, evanescent palimpsest which would be the cynosure of all, evocative of halcyon glamour, redolent of the riparian petrichor of the Susquehanna; incipient it was, until an insouciant harbinger made an ebullient epiphany by my inglenook, to murmur, "'Ere! The ratatouille's conflating, and it's gone all effervescent!" and wafted out again, leaving me languid and woebegone for my ephemeral leisure."

"Is that not now the most beautiful sentence in the English language?"
That's some sentence alright...

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