Friday, July 6, 2018

X22 Report, “The Fed Goes All Out & Removes More Data To Shape The Economic Collapse Narrative”; Gregory Mannarino

X22 Report, “The Fed Goes All Out & 
Removes More Data To Shape The Economic Collapse Narrative”
X22 Report, “The Moves Are Never Telegraphed, It's All Happening Behind Closed Doors”
Gregory Mannarino, “What Will Happen To The Stock
 Market When The Yield Curve Inverts?”
Deputy Wendell: “It's a mess, ain't it, Sheriff?”
Sheriff Bell: “If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here.”
- “No Country For Old Men”

A comment: Oh, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet..." In our daily lives things appear "normal", but behind the scenes many things are happening that will tear the world economy apart, and the effects of that will very definitely affect us all. It's simply impossible to cover it all, for me, alone, anyway, like being an ant looking at a herd of elephants. We can see general motions, perhaps infer consequences, but it's horrifically complex, and all we can see are fragments of the whole picture. That said, the general outlines of this process are discernible, it is a process which will take time to develop fully, the world won't suddenly end tomorrow morning, but the ultimate consequences are somewhat predictable based on what we do know, none of them good, so onward we go, doing what we can with what we have. Don't look here for "answers"! Use the information as a springboard for your own informed research. Do understand, "the mess" IS here, right now, this is only the beginning. Stay aware, stay strong, folks...
- CP

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