Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Personal Comment: "Change WILL Come..."

$23.7 Trillion for them, and not a damned thing for you...

"The fury and disbelief at Goldman's seemingly untouchable fortunes was captured this week by Elijah Cummings, a Democratic congressman for inner-city Baltimore. At a Congressional hearing on the financial crisis, he explained: "People in my district, you know what they ask me? They say, 'Cummings, is that money that folks are getting on Wall Street, those millions and billions, is that our money? Because our money went somewhere. What about us? What about us, who can't send our kids to college in September? What about us, who don't have a house? What about us?'"

Yes, what about us? We stood by in 2000, and again in 2004, and watched our national elections become a fraud, a sham, the results rigged, giving power to undeserving thieves and liars. We have stood by and watched our country butchered by psychopathic Wall Street "elites" and treasonous corporations, motivated by an insatiable and insane lust for profits at any cost, helped at every step by the privately owned Federal Reserve corporation, careless of the loss in human life or material suffering. We have watched as lie after lie, told by cowards and deserters, were used to rationalize unjust wars, costing the blood of our young and the fortune of the nation. We have watched the massacre of over 3,000 innocent civilians on 9/11- to shock and horrify the country with a "new Pearl Harbor"- and we’ve watched as our sons and daughters were slaughtered as the price to feed the insatiable War Machine that in turn serves it's own Corporate/Industrial masters. Our industrial base has been dismantled and sent offshore by corporate Internationalists, whose only loyalty is to their God, the almighty dollar of profit. We have watched our neighbors, and ourselves, lose our jobs and homes, our self-reliance and respect, our dignity ripped from us and thrown in the gutter. We have watched, and pretended not to see, the millions of homeless, alone, desperate and hungry, sleeping in alleys and under bridges. We have watched our so-called representatives in Congress and the Senate, those disgraceful, craven financial whores and cowards, without a shred of honor or truth among them, watched them betray us time and time again, unashamed, eager slaves to the interests of their Corporate masters, and the people be damned.

And that's ALL we did- we watched, in cowardly, timid silence, and did nothing, so fearful, so concerned with protecting what little we still had that, like Judas, we were all too willing to sell out our neighbor, our civil and legal rights, our honor, our country, as long as they'd just leave US alone. But even total submission didn't satisfy our Masters, who have now been on a rampage of economic looting and destruction that's literally incomprehensible, destroying the financial structure of the entire planet as a consequence. We will NEVER recover from this. So, what about us?

When will the pain be too much? How much more do you need? How many more lies will you meekly swallow? Some day, soon, after the pain and treachery has at last become unbearable, a day of reckoning will begin, somewhere, in some way, a spark of human dignity will have still survived, and erupt into a firestorm of accountability, when tens of millions of outraged, desperate and vengeful citizens finally awaken from the deep sleep of indifference and despair, and fully understand how savagely they’ve been mistreated and neglected, a change WILL come. There can be no other way, and there will be no other time. And you, Good Citizen, will be forced to choose a side. Choose wisely...


  1. AMEN, CP, AMEN!!!
    w/v = tence (Duh)

  2. Amen indeed, my friend. It's time...