Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aquila Ka Hecate, "The Silence Deepens"

"The Silence Deepens"
by Aquila Ka Hecate

"Abraxas believes in the existence of demons; Derrick Jensen tells of non-human entities visible in dreams who do not wish us well. I know, however, that the only true evil lives in the hearts and minds of human animals.

Passing a newly-flattened piece of ground – being prepared to become twenty prison cells, or a ‘townhouse complex’ – I feel the grief, but the tears only fall within. Never wetting the scorched and wounded ground itself.

The silence within me, always potential, ever coming-into-being, expands into a sheer waterfall. Here, at my still-point, a mystery: that which never leaves me is full of nothingness. The silence is alive, and presents itself in falling colors as chiffon veils within my core.

One friend longs for her rooted home; another loses a close companion; still another disconnects from his human lover. A fourth rages over wanton destruction of Life– and I…sit. Still, and consumed from within by the silence…deepening.

I wipe the stringy sleep from my puppy’s eyes in the morning, and I – connect. Animal individuated soul to animal individuated soul. His roaring stillness at his core recognizes, and greets mine.

Most human animals cannot reach this point, it seems. Filling their perceived lack with loud laughter, ragged in its lack of truth, they speak at a volume hoping to drown the silence. Which, nevertheless, from the mother, from the planet, from God Herself, from myself, continues to…deepen.

The basic field of Being – the field of Consciousness, of Life Force, of…Love, which they can never feel, caught up, entrapped in their electronic connectors. Facebook. Twitter. Mobile Phones which define their lives. None carrying the precious stillness, but rather a junk-pile of white noise, interference for the soul.

We’ve lost, my friends. Better let go now. And all the while, the Silence gathers force, and... Deepens.

But, before the altar, two candles focused and incense spiraling, grief turns within the silence to connection. With the consciousness, with the life force, with the love. A knot of Gordian proportions has started loosening inside me now - I feel the unbinding, the start of another Shift.

Whole Being dissolving in ecstasy as the deepening silence gathers me home."

Aquila Ka Hecate is an Anarcho-Primitivist Shaman from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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