Tuesday, August 18, 2009

David Diderot, "The Commonwealth of Morons"

"Five percent of the people think;
ten percent of the people think they think;
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think."
— Thomas A. Edison

"The Commonwealth of Morons"

by David Diderot

"Not much has changed since 1922 when H. L. Mencken described the United States as "the commonwealth of morons." The majority of Americans are under-educated, pathetically misinformed, generally lacking critical thinking skills, and apparently incapable of fact-based analysis. Indeed, American ignorance about current events, their own culture, history and government, as well as international current events, cultures and history, is well documented. For further evidence, simply talk to your neighbors, read comments on political blogs or listen to call-ins on talk radio. You will be astounded and even frightened.

In addition to being uninformed and incapable of connecting the dots, many Americans actually take pride in their ignorance and lack of civility. Currently we are subjected to the unmitigated ignorance of "birther" morons and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin making the ludicrous assertion that health care proposals include a "death panel." The media whores on television and braying jackasses on talk radio actually report these inanities as newsworthy of serious discussion.

Meanwhile, organized right wing efforts disrupt attempts at informed health care discussion by Democratic members of Congress with their home constituencies. These disruptions are supported by many Republicans and receive financial support from the health care industry. The spittle-screaming thugs at recent town meetings are reminiscent of the goose stepping brown shirts in the latter days of the Weimar Republic.

Anti-intellectualism, Bible thumping ignorance and thuggish behaviors have become patriotic hallmarks. Anyone who is reasonably educated, reasonably informed and behaves in a reasonably civilized manner is branded an elitist.

In the 1980s voters agreed with Reagan that "government is the problem" and entrusted their jobs, homes, health, retirement and future of their children to corporate America. The overturning of the Glass-Steagall Act and other government regulations transformed the corporate exploitation of America in the 1980s and 1990s into the savage rape of the 21st century.

American morons are suckers for any scam as long as they are manipulated with proper flag waving, Jesus praising and fear mongering. Other effective strategies include declaring any government assistance program "socialism" and calling for more tax cuts despite national insolvency and the obscene tax breaks already scammed by corporations and the wealthy. Perhaps we should cease funding Social Security, Medicare, public school education and other such "socialist" abominations.

Now Americans stare like deer in headlights as the United States plunges into cultural and economic free fall. Homes are foreclosed and millions are unemployed while manufacturing and high tech job are lost permanently overseas. Health care bankruptcy, depleted retirement savings and a bleak future for the next generation is the new American reality. Government was never the problem. The problem was and is American morons and the corrupt corporate stooges they elect and re-elect to public office. The commonwealth of morons deserves its fate."

David Diderot,
- http://www.sott.net/articles/show/191508-The-Commonwealth-of-Morons

A Comment: I resisted posting this article, considering it offensive and insulting. But the more I thought it through, there was no denying its essentially accurate portrayal of what we in America have become, through generations of indoctrination and manipulation by the so-called "Ruling Class." Yes, we may in fact be all the things the writer says we are- now. That's doesn't mean that we must forever remain trapped in our current situation, or that we don't collectively have the power to change this society into something far more beneficial to us all, IF we have the will and resolve to do so. The kind of change needed would be nothing short of "revolutionary," dismantling the current power systems and replacing them with structures devoted to solving human needs, not generating profits. The "Rulers" would of course resist violently, and massive violence might occur. Freedom is never free. But there can be no doubt of the ultimate outcome- we, the people, would prevail, and re-establish a far more equitable and just system than the vile, profit-deranged monstrosity now in control. I can't do it, neither can you, we must all do this thing together, or there is no hope of success. As Martin Luther King said, "We might have all come over here on different ships, but we're all in the same boat now." Indeed we are... The choice is ours to make, if we dare. If we fail, then, as the writer above states, "The commonwealth of morons deserves it fate." It's up to you, Good Citizens...


  1. Failed People = failed government

  2. I agree with that, Spike. This was not an easy post to put up. I thought about how offensive it might be, that some readers might get angry. Then I reviewed all that's happened in the last few years, economy wise, wars, loss of civil liberties, stolen elections-and these folks did nothing. Hid their heads in the sand, like ostriches, reveling in their ignorance, and I thought, "To hell with it, and anyone offended by it. It's simply the truth." I wish I could defend against the points the author makes, but I simply can't, without lying. And that I won't do here... Thanks for commenting, Spike.

  3. I can wholeheartedly relate, CoyotePrime. When I read similar articles I have often wondered if they would be too offensive to post on my blog, or even to share with personal friends. The more negative and highly critical articles I read, the more I have become content with sharing them. I do not think we as a people enjoy proclaiming that the sky is falling, but being ignorant to the reality is astronomically worse than offending others. It is difficult, though, to find that balance--managing blatant realism and uplifting motivation, in an effort to spread goodness throughout. I commend you for posting critical articles!

  4. Thanks for the insightful post, Teddy Grahams. I really wanted to defend against the claims of this article, but the truth is, in general, they are simply true. Drowning as we are in the tsunami of lies from the government, main stream media, television, etc, a dose of truth might be a welcome wake up call. Might also get you hung or burned at the stake, depending on your culture, but if our reality isn't ultimately based on truth, then all really is lost...