Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kenneth Smith

"The Greeks took for granted a warrior-ethic ("aristeia," the virtues, values, culture and competence of "aristoi") not just between man and nature, and one city and another, and in the competitive contests (agones) between one person or point of view and another, but most especially between the individual mind striving for illumination and the vast surrounding obscure chaos of all that we do not know or understand or, as yet, have the resources to master. Humans from the earliest days of their lives have already planted their feet on one of two paths, one leading toward self-illumination or a determination to live life knowingly, as cognoscenti or "knowers," and one leading toward the absolute minimum of effort at illumination, a default-mentality marked by the vices of ignoranti, the countless herds of the mostly oblivious and passive, who are content merely to be, to drift and be driven, not to be morally or philosophically accountable for themselves."
- Kenneth Smith


  1. I'm afraid the photo says it all...

  2. I agree, julie mitchell. For the vast majority there is simply no hope, they wallow in their ignorance and stupidity like it was heaven itself. I've given up on the idea of waking them up, and they certainly would not come here anyway, god forbid a neuron got activated... But it's always nice to see you julie mitchell, and read you comments. Thanks for stopping by.