Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Chocolate Wisdom"

"Chocolate Wisdom"
by Buddha of Hollywood

"Once upon a time a group of former classmates, well established in their careers, got together during a class reunion. They decided to go and visit an old college professor who was a source of inspiration for all of them. During the visit the conversation devolved into a series of personal complaints about their lives, careers and relationships and how stressful things were.

While listening to their complaints the professor decided to offer everyone a cup of hot chocolate. Coming back from the kitchen the professor brought a pitcher of hot chocolate and an assortment of cups and mugs. Each of the cups was made of different materials. Some were of clay, metal, glass, crystal and porcelain. Some were very simple and others were very ornate. Some were very cheap and some were very expensive.

The old professor invited everyone to serve themselves. When everybody had their cup in hand the professor shared his thoughts about the chocolate. "Did you notice that all the fancy cups were chosen and only the modest ones were left at the table? Even if it might seem natural to you to choose the very best in life, this might be the source of all your problems and stress. The quality of the cups you choose does not change the quality of the chocolate you drink. What you really need is the pleasure and nutrition of the drink, not the cup, but subconsciously you choose the fancy cups. Life is the hot chocolate. The careers, jobs, and relationships, money and social status are just the cups. The quality of your cups will never determine the quality of your lives. The gift of life is free; it is up to you to choose the cup you will receive it in."

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