Monday, February 22, 2010

Paco Ahlgren, “The Economic Vise Is Closing. Your Freedom Is Almost Gone.”

“The Economic Vise Is Closing. Your Freedom Is Almost Gone.”
by Paco Ahlgren

"Welcome to Hamilton’s legacy: the Federalist nightmare. The clamp is tightening. Your social freedoms are almost gone. Label me a conservative. Label me a liberal. It doesn’t matter; you’ll be wrong either way. I am only a member of the last bastion of rational thought left in a golden age of knowledge and reason — an age that is slipping away.

We have endured millennia of slavery, misogyny, religious persecution, and the unbridled destruction of wisdom. We have seen hoards of barbarians destroy the foundations of ancient Western thought. We have sat idly by while Catholicism laid ruin to almost every last remaining vestige of a vast Central American repository of collected knowledge. And yet, we still have not learned.

The global economy is once again crumbling. Listen to me. Every single empire in history has fallen to economic catastrophe. You might think the causes were social or political, but they were not — they were economic. Your currencies are failing. Your countries are obligated to debts they can only repair through wars — wars they will lose. Jefferson will be repudiated — one way or another. Are you going to stand up to your oppressors, or are you simply going to accept your fate?

These are no longer the “United States.” Your so-called “freedoms” were stripped away over a century ago. The days are long-past when you could sit on your sofa and point your accusatory finger at the “Obama,” or the “Bush.” The blame lies with the regime — a regime that got its power from your complacency. It has run its course.

I wish we could be done with the long days of civil war. But I’m afraid we are not. I am addressing the rational in you when I say this: no matter what your belief or bent, please consider the possibility that we are moving headlong toward revolution. Let us fight for disassembly of this dying creature in the most mature and humane way. Otherwise, we will suffer the consequences endured by our forebears — and our children are going to die unnecessarily."

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