Monday, March 29, 2010

Away until Thursday... Paco's Mystery

I'll be away and offline until Thursday, folks. Meanwhile, there are 7,976 posts here, hopefully something will be of interest. Commenting is turned off to stop those sly little spam linksters. Also, the "Favorites" bar on the side panel contains links to many great sites, please do check them out.

I leave you with a mystery: my friend Paco Ahlgren has written one of the most challenging and entertaining books I've read in a very long time, called "Discipline," skillfully melding a variety of concepts and philosophies into a top notch thriller that you won't be able to put down. A very, very "good read." (A link to his site ,"The Bottom Violation" is in the "Favorites" side bar.) At the end of the book are written three words, and they're the mystery. Can you figure out what they mean? Paco slyly replies, "No comment." Here they are, and good luck:


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