Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Democracy Central"

"This is a community for THINKING PEOPLE! If you care about the world, your country, your community, your family, and mankind then this is where you belong. We are interested in big ideas, change, and the small events of our lives that make every one of us the truly special people that we are. There is hope and we can be the change that hope requires; each of us in our own way can be a positive agent for change by the example that we set and the manner in which we share.

The purpose of Democracy Central is to develop a social network where people can share beliefs, life experiences, knowledge and information in a fun, respectful, and civil manner. Democracy Central is a community of individuals who believe in moving forward while respectful of our shared history: Its about finding new ways of looking and thinking about the things that make up the totality of our existence. Its not just about politics but rather its about how we view the world and our place in it.

As a social network feel free to develop your personal profile page as you see fit; start a forum discussion, start a group, share photos and videos. Visit our 'Be Social' page and share news articles with your fellow members, or other items of interest. Join in our chat room, or recommend a product or service to your fellow members."

This is a brand new forum for the exchange and sharing of news and ideas about subjects affecting
us all. Please stop by and check it out. I've joined, you should, too. Let your voice be heard!
- CP

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