Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephen Hawking

"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus
landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native
Americans. We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent
life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."
- Stephen Hawking


  1. I keep saying the same thing about those six- figured bribe taking reptilian whores that pass as our honorable Congress & Senate.

    I believe you posted an in-depth article concerning Hawking's belief there has to be other life forms around in an earlier post, and that his belief was that we wouldn't really want to me them. Very wise to be wary, but also wise to believe there might be more advanced (light force sided) entities that are also willing to help us occassionally. For lack of a better word, I believe the Bible calls them 'angels'.

    Now where is that angel with my beer?

  2. Thanks for commenting, KJ. Describing those trash in Washington as "reptiles" is insulting to true reptiles everywhere. Now there's a city we can only hope the Predators choose to visit first...

    Enough beers, they'll all look like angels. ;-)

  3. IMO: They have been here before, and they will return.
    At their last visit, they enlightened us on how to advance.
    This time around they will enlighten us on how not to destroy ourselves.

    We are finite visitors on this planet.
    They are infinite travelers through the Cosmos.
    They do not want a bunch of Hu-Manure attacking,
    invading, and colonizing their Galaxies.
    We are not alone.

  4. Yea RZ, but before we get enlightened and have total peace,forgiveness and tranquility will they allow us to put Geithner and Summers up on a tree with a few of their friends?

    If so, then I'm buying everyone here a beer!

  5. KJ: [THEY] will demand it.
    Greenspan, and any Rothschild Bankster Cartel affiliations will be at the front of the line.

  6. In that case, I think I'll like them!
    Live Long & Prosper 'rad RZ!

    What kind of beer do ya like? Maybe we can get to use the can and some eats @ CP's place...

  7. Gave up the booze 8 years ago. But the burgers are on me.

  8. Quit for 20 years...couldn't stand to live w/0 a cold beer.
    Why'd you give up? Religion?

  9. With a beer? I do not intend to die my friend.

  10. RZ, I'll take your hypothesis a step further, yes WE are still here raping and plundering the planet...


  11. KJ: That was not mean towards you. I was talking about myself. It got out of hand.

    AV: Yes, and that will have to change very quickly, or we will all be carbon again very soon.

  12. We are here as visitors. Our host has been very gracious, she has given us everything we have asked from her.
    If we did not ask, we just took. It is not how much we can produce, it is how much we consume. We can not continue down this path.