Sunday, September 26, 2010

"The Philosophy Of Being"

 "The Philosophy Of Being"
By E D Detetcheverrie   

"Outrageous to some, clarifying for others, a strange conversation meant to provoke further thought.

Now I know why they explain it in metaphors. The truth seems surreal. We are inadequate to describe it concisely. Ask not if you have strayed from the path; there is only one path, one way, and you are always on it...

Do they call it enlightenment because there is a light?
It is not mere photons, and light is only one part of it.
Who is in charge of it all?
Yes, we are.
Do the wicked receive their just reward?
We shall all, ultimately, resume our place in the light.
Is the simplistic lifestyle really the true way?
All ways are the pathway to the light.
So, you can do as you please and still gain entry to that Better Place?
This is the place. Every experience is a learning experience.
What are the rules we should live by in order to achieve true happiness?
Merely be the best person you can possibly be.
How do we resolve all the ills of the world?
Merely be the best person you can possibly be.
Who should we pray to?
Adoration is not necessary. Rather, pray for the benefit of those who need it most.
So, prayer is the answer?
It is merely one means of achievement. Prayer is a tool.
Where should we assemble?
Anywhere like minds may work toward the same goals.
Need we assemble?
We are all assembled.
Is suicide evil?
All experiences are learning experiences.
What is good and what is evil?
All experiences are learning experiences.
How do we delineate between right and wrong?
It is in your nature to judge one another.
What happens when we die?
The body returns to its elements. The essence better joins with what is.
Do animals have souls?
The lifeforce and the creator are One.
Which religion is the true religion?
All experiences are learning experiences.
Is evolution just a theory?
All theories are theories.
Is evolution a fact?
All facts are subject to further scrutiny.
Who is superior?
None and all.
Why do bad things happen?
All experiences are learning experiences.
Why do the innocent suffer?
All experiences are learning experiences.
Are ghosts real?
Everything which can be imagined is real for some.
What is the name of this system of belief?
Names are but vague labels which trigger different responses in different 
individuals based upon their previous experiences with elements they
perceive to be a part of that which was named.
How do I learn more about what you're describing?
What should we fear?
Fear is the product of ignorance. Ignorance is quelled through education.
What form of education should we seek?
What is the origin of man?
Life is defined by experience.
What is the origin of the universe?
Experience creates life.
How do we save the world?
Merely be the best person you can possibly be."

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