Monday, November 22, 2010

"Change"- Welcome One Fly and k.sequoia!

Please welcome out newest contributing author/bloggers, One Fly and k.sequoia. Each brings unique viewpoints and perspectives of enormous benefit to us all. Welcome, folks!


  1. Thank you Mr. Coyote for the thought and for being able to post on your site. I will try to be a good boy and contribute things that entertain and inform your readers.

    Right now though I have to finish up on a nutter on a post below here who thought he knew so much but doesn't and feels so bad that he's a dummy plus wrong he feels the need to take it out on me because for a simple boy once again I got lucky and am correct.

  2. Good bye Fly. If you want to see a "nutter", look in the mirror. Sorry Coyote, I'm outta here. If this is what you want to promote, I'm done with this blog.