Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obama Has To Has To Has To! (Move Farther To The Right - Because He Just Haaaas To!) (Or He's a Meanie - or Communist or Socialist/Nazi or Somethin'!)

My idol (the all-seeing driftglass) has delivered the ultimate panegyric (or would that be eulogy?) for the Sunday Morning Mouse Circus and its adoring audience.

No one does it better, and as an addition to my promoting of the exposure of the true nature and goals of Glenn BecKKK by Rachel Maddow, it couldn't be more fitting for my readers.

According to the collective wisdom of the Wise Men of the Mouse Circus, it turns out, Barack Obama will have to -- just have to! -- move to The Center, both substantively and symbolically, if he wants to get re-elected.

Shocking, I know.

He'll have to -- just have to! -- lower the top marginal tax rates.

He'll have to -- just have to! -- lower corporate taxes.

Then: Moar! Palin!

Because she's so Sincere!

Sure, she's also a vicious and utterly unqualified grifter, but she's so Real!

And we point cameras at her obsessively because you can never spend too much of America's mainstream political bandwidth huffing stupid straight from the bag.

Enjoy the memories!


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  1. FAR OUT

    The shadows behind the curtain also wait for the sun to set on them.
    They do not knock on heavens door.
    The portal to the underworld is already open for them.
    The deepest depth of the underworld is their refuge.
    It is their haven for eternal suffering that they enjoy so much.
    They bring chaos upon us for their own gain.
    Humanities suffering is their rehearsal for the depths of all evil.

    We must keep knocking on our own door.
    In order to find serenity.
    Will some one answer our knock?
    Only time will tell.