Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sky Events And The Ancient Ones

Hi folks-this is my first post here at CP's place And thank you again for that! It's a post that I put up at my place last Monday that was triggered by a picture seen here. Not far fetched and is is fun to think about the possibilities. My friend and I think too that some of these figures floated because of the way they're drawn but that's for another time. One Fly

On this Sunday when most of this country attends some type of religious service we'll go where none of them has ever been. The picture below is the courtesy of Coyote Prime and the photo from here.

This will be short and since no one really knows this opinion has as much merit as any one else out there.

Take a look at the top picture and then the two directly below. In the two rock art photos whoever it was that made similar looking spirals witnessed a sky event like seen in the top picture.

This event was very close or so huge that it was easily seen by the naked eye or something along those lines.

I think the last picture is perhaps the most dramatic.

Remember how clicking on the pictures twice makes them larger.

These ancient people depicted onto the rocks literally what they saw or experienced.

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  1. It seems the clock goes back further than we thought. Hot off the background radiation: