Friday, December 31, 2010

Alex Noble, "A New Years Message"

 "And A Very Happy New Year To You And Yours!"
 by Alex Noble

"In the midst of the the noise and the parties and the traffic and the compelling distractions, in the middle of all that, consider taking a few minutes to think about what happiness means to you and how you want it to manifest in your life.
Ask: Are there any draining and burdensome relationships in my life which are preventing me from experiencing the full spectrum of my God given Divine Happiness?

Ask: Have I accepted someone else's problems as my own to a point where I am drowning in false responsibility, ongoing fatigue, and endless financial loss?

Ask: Is there anyone in my life I need to set free as a blessing to them as well as to myself?

Ask: What can I do right now, today, to experience more happiness? Make lists. Commit. Do it.

Ask: What does real happiness feel like? Do I know or have I forgotten? Am I the person in that old Blues song "Been down so long gettin'up never crossed my mind"?  Are there any places in my life where I am accepting limitations, constraints, crushing impositions that may well be killing me or at least killing my innate sense of happiness? Have I bought into others' sad stories to a point where I have taken their problems as my own?  WHY?

Ask: What one action can I commit to today to bring 10X more happiness into my life? And into the lives of those I meet on the Path? That's right: TEN TIMES MORE HAPPINESS!
Now, go do those things you can do! As the great English statesman once said: 
"Never explain, never apologize, have it done and let them howl!"

Happy New Year!

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