Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Apply For Jobs Online;" A Comment.

"Whether you are a recent graduate from college, a student looking for a part-time job, are a mom returning to work, someone rebounding from a recent layoff, a teen-ager looking for summer employment, or just looking to switch careers, you can find or download printable employment applications or find your next employer by completing a job application online. Part-time or Full-Time Positions, We Have the Job Application You Need For Every Major Employer: Fast Food, Retail, Restaurant, Airline, Grocery, Pharmacy, Hospitality Employment Forms Are All Here. Download Printable Job Applications & Employment Forms or Complete an Online Job Application for over 1,000 Companies Now!"
A comment: Normally this type of post would never appear here. These are not normal times, as we all know. With so many millions of people out of work this is posted here to help in any way possible.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, pay any fee of any kind for these services, notify me immediately if anyone tries to charge you anything. Please leave comments with your experience with this service. Good luck, folks! - CP


  1. I tried to find a good paying job like "Official Beer Taster and reporter for World-Class Brews" but alas the position was taken. {{sigh}}

  2. How rude, Kevin John! Someone else got the perfect job in the whole world for you, your skills are unmatched! There's just no justice... lol

    Great to see you, brother. Thanks for stopping by.