Friday, June 24, 2011

“The Empty People- Those Who Love Money Above All Else”

“The Empty People- 
Those Who Love Money Above All Else”
 - By Tom Dennen

Joe Sixpack's death came during his enlightenment during a bank holiday on a Main Stream Medium (MSM), talking heads show hosted by one Dylan Ratigan, whom I have mentioned before in his run up to the question, “Is it Time for a Revolution in America?” Well, he's asked it. The question has of course been 'on the table' for quite some time, but mostly in the blogosphere, the MSM leaving it alone against an unrelenting Chinese drip, drip, drip water torture tirade from the bloggers who say anything they like, of course and keep their jobs since they're self-employed and have no corporate loyalties.

One of my favorites is the Dog Poet's Smoking Mirrors - it howls in a slightly more gentle tone than the pounding Ginsberg used in the sixties when we thought it was all about Viet Nam, and it was but we didn't know about the profit motive (profit before people) and that the core business of central banking is war.

And we couldn't know too much about the little wars because 'the MSM' doesn't tell us what really happens in countries where the multi-national fishing companies have wiped out and polluted the coastal fish populations, and by so doing, created the pirates we do get to hear about. Angry and hungry young Somali men with no means of support have adapted, though, to their truth and once the line is crossed into unlawful and violent behavior, it’s difficult to turn the page back. Besides there is nothing to go back to.

You see, the thing about the truth is that it's consistent since it doesn't have to be altered and manipulated in the face of every new piece of information because all the new information simply adds to the content, strength and credibility of the original truth, one of which is that steel-frame buildings simply do not collapse in a fire – everything else coming to light after that simply corroborates the fundamental truth we've learned studying physics and chemistry.

Two major problems. One is we don't get the truth, or only part of it, like the truth about the Somali pirates. The other problem is that there is so much basic truth out there that we miss it, we miss the 'basicness' of it: consider 'The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. That's my favorite, my E=mc2 of truth, the general theory.

Just mull over it for a while – as long a while as it takes - and you begin to see the fundamental truth of that ancient statement and see how and maybe why it got twisted into 'money is the root of all evil' which, again if you look closely, cannot be true. Money's a commodity at best but mostly just grease for the wheels of commerce. Therefore hoarding it in gray and dusty piles so no one else can use it is crazy, but that's what the love of money does to those people who seem to have been born without this little human thing called compassion, a very large and holy part of our makeup that includes another little thing called a conscience, without which I believe there may not be a soul involved and therefore I see those people as the empty people.

Now let's take a look at just what has been taken from Joe while he wasn't kept informed:“I am an American, I love America” is where he started, under his arm a brand-new, first-time Republic torn with blood from the Bank of England and with sixteen tons of good stuff on board, he set out into a new world order that perhaps did not have so many empty people in it. Are you beginning to see how he might have gotten into this mess?

I'll tell you first what I think happened and later, if you're still with me, how. It's not as important as what we do 'after the revolution' though. The American people – and the rest of the failed Capitalist world – are finally looking at the enormity of a very large and gross deformity, looking at last into the fake reality that's been forced onto their lives for the last three hundred years, and they, with the rest of us, are understandably angry over what they are seeing. “Everyone knows” the story of the goldsmith's discovery of fractional lending, so hold that thought for now, but add it to the truth of the love of money axiom.

The exposure of the '911 Reichstag false flag inside job' by the association of American architects and engineers, academics, truth tellers and many other aware and intelligent American Joes, Europeans and other human beings has opened the floodgates leading to the release – truth is usually around somewhere - of the treaty of Verona once again, the ideology behind the political and economic deceptions the world has been exposed to for so many years: “Grand Theft, Planet.”

In their quest for wealth, the empty people have stolen not only the American Dream, but also the dreams of every ‘useless eater' on the planet. That's you. And I.

Mickey Mouse died in Viet Nam along with Mom & Pop, Apple Pie and the pursuit of happiness; but that isn't all of it, America's moral high ground was lost, stolen from its people with drone missiles – along with their honor, their sense of duty, fair play and justice, their virtue and faith in themselves through the rule of the many; their conscience, their individual pride, courage, their passion and self-respect and their Republic - in the name of money for God's sake!

Their loyalty, fidelity and trust, all their love, hopes and dreams have been stolen, replaced with poverty and fear and confusion, all trust gone now, subjugated by the thinking behind the treaty of Verona, a Nation's soul lost in the wake of a global war for wealth by the already over-wealthy, an inevitable and logical conclusion to the pursuit of an empty love of money above all else. But the public consciousness has discovered and is examining the depth of the theft - not just of monetary wealth in jobs and homes and retirement funds, but the theft of all those virtues they once held dear including the theft of their honor; a grand theft without any precedent in history: theft of the ownership of self through debt? That's what the empty people would like to think.

After the revolution, look up at the sky: It's the Roof of our Home and sheltered underneath that wonderful Roof is every human being on this planet, everything on it that we all own and must share... together. That's the revolution: The recapture of our Entitlement. Think on it when things start changing, when people start telling the truth...”

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