Thursday, June 16, 2011

“Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns: Japan May Become Uninhabitable Forever”

“Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns: 
Japan May Become Uninhabitable Forever”
by Independent Australia

“So far the plume of radioactivity from Fukushima has mainly been blowing out to sea. The concern expressed by many is about what happens if the prevailing winds turn around, as they are expected to do, and begin to blow southwards towards Tokyo. Dr. Vivian Norris, quoting Arnie Gunderson: “What is highly disturbing is that the main reason Japan does not appear to be as bad a Chernobyl is that the wind was blowing out to sea and not for the most part towards land. But all this has done is spread the cancers out into the worldwide population as opposed to concentrating it all in Japan. It will be very difficult to tell, as it was in France, Scandinavia and other places where the Chernobyl cloud travelled in the days following the disaster."
Speaking exclusively to Independent Australia, prominent anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott raised two grim and shocking scenarios about what foreseeably could happen next in this emergency. “If there is a very big aftershock, as there very well could be, Reactor 4 will probably collapse along with other buildings. This would create a Chernobyl type catastrophe which,  combined with a change in the wind – so it's blowing the radiation to the South instead of out to sea as it is at the moment – could make almost all of Japan – including Tokyo –uninhabitable forever. The second possible scenario is that there could be hydrogen explosion blowing one of the reactors apart [which has already happened in 3 of them - CP] also creating a Chernobyl type event. This, combined with the wind change mentioned would create the same result—an uninhabitable Japan.”

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  1. Where I live, Vancouver Island, we were literally bombarded for weeks with some of the heaviest fallout from Fukushima. Most Islanders figured it did not effect us and mention it ... you were nuts. But the graphs from Scandinavia and Dutchsinse from youTube showed otherwise. I found my potassium iodide which is one step short of illegal here but dunno if that is enough. Between the radioactive fallout and the constant chemtrails, and we have them every day all day for the past year or so, who knows who will come down with what over the next decades... if the world lasts that long.

    For awhile I did not open doors and windows but yanno, you still have to get out and live... and the stuff is everywhere.. inescapable. It bothers me that this is the nightmare I have carried for almost 58 years....