Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Fukushima Reactors Meltdown/Melt Through Update"

“Chernobyl Evacuation Limit 5,000 uSv/yr, 
Yet 394,200 uSv/yr Detected In Fukushima School Zone”
by Alexander Higgins

“Radiation levels almost 90 times Chernobyl evacuation limits found in unevacuated Fukushima school zone at a level so high it is lethal to 100% of the population within 15 years. Greenpeace has dangerous levels of radiation levels in Fukushima in areas not being evacuated by the Government of Japan according to the Japan Times. Radiation levels of 45 microsieverts per hour were found alongside a school zone in Fukushima.

According to the Japan Times the evacuation threshold for Chernobyl was set at 5,000 microsieverts per year while the 45 microsievert per hour level detected equates to an annual dosage of almost 400,000 microsieverts per year. For comparison a 4 sievert dose is deterministically known to be lethal to 50% of the entire exposed population and those living in the area in question would reach that dose in about 10 years. Residents in the area would receive a 6 sievert, which is deterministically known to be lethal to 100% of the population, within in about 15 years. The threshold hold for children, unborn fetuses and the elderly population is obviously much smaller and as such these levels of radiation would be lethal in a much shorter period of time. Unless the area is evacuated it would mean that none of the children starting school in the area will even live to see their 18th birthday.

The Japan Times reports: “Widen evacuation zone for children, pregnant women: Greenpeace chief. The government should consider evacuating children and pregnant women from a wider area around the Fukushima No. 1 power plant because radiation levels remain high even outside the 20-km no-go zone, Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International, said Thursday in Tokyo. Naidoo’s team of radiology experts found hot spots that had a maximum hourly reading of 45 microsieverts of radiation alongside a school zone [394,200 uSv/yr]. He said there were parks and public spaces where the level of radiation activity hit 9 microsieverts per hour[78,840 uSv/yr]. Even some nursery schools that have already undergone a decontamination process had a relatively high reading of 0.5 microsievert per hour, he said. That would translate into an annual exposure of 5 millisieverts [5,000 uSv/yr], which was the evacuation threshold for Chernobyl, Beranek said.”

It is no wonder the Japan’s top nuclear adviser resigned over Japan’s failure to follow the law and instead allow children to be subjected to inhumanely high levels of radiation. In fact the same officials is quoted saying the Japan’s continued failure to conduct an epidemiological study and censorship of radiation levels around the entire country will lead cause many children to get sick and die from cancer.

A former adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan accused the government of aggravating the radiation exposure of local residents during the nuclear crisis, news reports said Saturday. Toshiso Kosako, professor of radiation safety at the University of Tokyo’s graduate school [...] said the government had delayed the release of forecasts on the spread of radiation compiled by the Nuclear Safety Technology Center’s computer system, Kyodo said, citing the April 27 report. He urged the government to conduct an epidemiological study in Fukushima and neighboring prefectures as thyroid cancer was expected to develop among children.

In fact, Japan seems to have no moral compass what so ever. As if the radiation situation wasn’t already bad enough, a cloud of radioactive nuclear ash is raining down on Tokyo because Japan is allowing radioactive sewage sludge to be burned off into the air, instead of making TEPCO pay to dispose of it. And the sewage sludge that isn’t being burned off, well they are going to use that to produce radioactive cement. Meanwhile a massive cloud of radioactive steam rose from the Fukushima nuclear power plant over night, blanketing the entire area to the point where nothing could be seen on the live HD webcam of the plant.

Back in the Unites States experts are not indicating that a 35% Spike in infant mortality in Northwest US may be from Fukushima nuclear fallout. All of this while experts are sounding the alarm that the entire country of Japan may become uninhabitable.”
Baseline Surface Radiation Network: "Because of the important role radiation plays in the climate system, the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) was established to provide a worldwide network to continuously measure radiative fluxes at the Earth's surface. Many of these stations began operation in 1992 and each year more stations are added to the network. These stations provide data for the calibration of the GEWEX Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Project and other satellite-based measurements of radiative fluxes. BSRN data are also used to validate radiative flux models. About 40 stations in contrasting climatic zones, covering a latitude range from 80°N to 90°S (see station maps) are providing data to the BSRN archive located at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Bremerhaven, Germany. In 2004, BSRN was designated as the global surface radiation network for the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). The BSRN stations also contribute to the Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW)."
Hat tips to Darina Stoyanova and Alex Noble for this material.

Iodine Concerns:

“WARNING: Radiation Fear-Mongering And Health”
 by Karl Denninger

"If, and I stress if, there is a reason to attempt to protect your thyroid against radioactive iodine exposure only Potassium Iodide should be used.  NOT, I repeat NOT, Potassium Iodate.  They are not the same chemical.  The first is FDA approved for this purpose, the second is not.  In an emergency situation you can also paint iodine solution (the topical stuff that is used on cuts and such) on your trunk and get some degree of protection.  The latter must NEVER be ingested as it is a poison.  There is no solid evidence of how well painted-on iodine will actually work, but it's better than nothing if it's all you have." See this complete post for important information regarding radioactivity and iodine usage:

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