Monday, June 27, 2011

Karl Denninger, “Mr. Miller, You're A Lying Sack of Used Dog Food”

“Mr. Miller, You're A Lying Sack of Used Dog Food”
 by Karl Denninger

“I'm tired of your bull****, especially the missive you sent out today in your email: “It is quite appalling to watch as the Constitution of the United States of America is dismantled by its beneficiaries, but that is exactly what TIME Magazine is doing this week.  The cover of TIME’s July 4th issue runs our nation’s founding document through the shredder, accompanied by Managing Editor Richard Stengel’s editorial that asks “Does the Constitution Matter?”

Maybe TIME’s question is a rhetorical one, but let me answer it unequivocally:  the Constitution does matter.  It matters to the American people who look to it as the set of guiding principles for our government.  It matters to those in public service who fight day in and day out to uphold those principles.  And it matters to the American warriors who give their lives on the battlefield to defend the very freedom endowed to us by our Creator and secured for us by our Constitution. 

Perhaps Mr. Stengel stopped reading the Constitution after it was ratified 1789.  Not once does this former President of the National Constitution Center mention the Bill of Rights in his 4,800 word essay.  Anyone who has ever taken a civics class knows that the Bill of Rights is an integral part of the Constitution – in fact, it’s the very part of the Constitution that limits the reach of government.  In his article, there’s no discussion on the First Amendment’s right to freedom of speech and expression of religion.  There’s no mention of our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  There’s no word of our Fifth Amendment right to due process.  And what about the 10th Amendment?  You know, the Amendment that states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” It doesn’t merit a single remark by TIME Magazine.” 

Did you forget about the 4th Amendment, jackass?  You know, the one that is wantonly violated every damn day by the TSA and which, in this case, was violated specifically in the following case in your district?

“An elderly woman in the late-stages of leukemia was forced to undergo 45 minutes of additional screenings last Saturday when she tried to board a flight out of Northwest Florida Regional Airport, her daughter told”

What did that screening involve?

“So they brought my mom to the side, and two agents just started patting her,” Reppert said. “Eventually they found something that appeared to be hard and they said could be a concealed weapon.” She said two female agents wheeled her mom into a private room where they performed a more thorough inspection, and found that Reppert was wearing a Depend adult diaper. “It was hard because the underwear was bunched up,” Weber said, adding that she was not in the room as her mother was patted. After 45 minutes, the mother and daughter were given two options: either don't fly, or lose the Depend. The women chose the latter.”

Forty-five minutes to "find" a bunched-up adult diaper that a woman dying of leukemia is wearing for (obviously) incontinence, and she's told to either remove it or she's not getting on the plane?  So now she has to risk *****ing herself (or worse) to fly?

THIS qualifies as "security?  Like hell it does. Let's cut the crap.  After 9/11 the TSA was formed for one and only one purpose - to give the airlines a liability shield.  See, there were a lot of dead people and their families were *****ed.  They intended to sue.  Now maybe there was liability and maybe there was not, but the government stepped in and "fixed it" for all those nice airlines so they wouldn't have to pay, and then made sure that it wasn't their problem in the future! We, as citizens, get our balls groped and our dying grandmothers get screwed with for 45 minutes and forced to remove their protective clothing intended to keep their modesty intact should they have an accident due to their medical condition - AFTER being effectively assaulted for three quarters of an hour!

This is a damned outrage and it's not the first time either.

There is nobody who has more of an interest in making sure nobody gets something evil on a plane than the airline.  Not only do they lose a very expensive piece of hardware if someone does, the dead customers will never buy another ticket and their families will sue the airline to beyond the orbit of Mars if they were negligent in some fashion.  THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! Nanny government not only does a crap job of "security" (witness the myriad "prohibited items" that accidentally get through TSA screening) but in addition it perpetrates insults, assaults and outrageous actions like this on perfectly-innocent people who are doing nothing more than attempting to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to locomotion.

Finally, if that's not enough there are multiple and repeated documented stories in the news about TSA agents being engaged in various sorts of lawless behavior, from sexual offenses (gee, that's nice with the "rape scanners" isn't it?) to old-fashioned thieves stealing from the passengers passing through the checkpoints - not to mention ripping off items from allegedly "sterile" luggage areas!  And since these are government employees the common citizen who is victimized has no legal ability to sue or file charges, as distinct from private security personnel who have neither a civil or criminal liability shield should they engage in such nefarious practices.

Meanwhile Miller prattles on about "The Constitution" and how it's so "important", feigning outrage over TIME's characterization much as the ACLU has also feigned outrage while willfully ignoring (in their case) the Second Amendment. Perhaps if Mr. Miller wasn't so busy wiping his ass with the 4th Amendment he might recognize that it exists. I will remind both TIME and Mr. Miller that the use of a Black Sharpie Marker to ignore Amendments in The Bill of Rights that one does not like is no more valid in this instance than it is when one takes that same Sharpie to The Bible's Commandments 7-10 as Congress does virtually every day it is in session with the various CongressCritters claiming at the same time to be, of course, good Christians.

Mr. Miller finished with: “The U.S. Constitution is the very foundation of our country.  It is the bedrock on which our nation has stood for 223 years.  It is the standard by which all laws must be measured, and it is a standard by which we should measure ourselves.  TIME Magazine might be able to shred a copy of the Constitution on their cover.  But, they can never shred the real Constitution because it is more than just a piece of parchment.  It encompasses our American ideal of individual liberty and our American principle of limited government. The Constitution is America.” 

This sort of rank hypocrisy, coming as it did at the same time that this woman was degraded and abused in violation of the very same Constitution as amended in The Bill of Rights in Miller's very own district is deserving of either a resignation or an immediate recall petition.”

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