Saturday, June 25, 2011

Psychology: “5 Online Tests Actually Worth Your Time”

“5 Online Tests Actually Worth Your Time”
by The Huffington Post

“Wasting time on the Internet doesn't have to just mean Facebook and YouTube videos. This compilation of smart, accurate and perceptive online tests will actually allow you to use post-dinner downtime/tired-of-work lunchtime to find out a little more about yourself. No Myers-Briggs or Rorschach tests here. Instead, this is a list of personality tests that might actually tell you something you don't already know.”

1. Want to know if you have what it takes to be a millionaire? Or whether you can spot fake smiles? Or even whether you have the right disgust response? Head over to the BBC's Science website, where there's a list of surprisingly insightful and smart tests - covering everything from your attitude to morality to your level of perfectionism.

2. Ever wondered if you might be losing it? There's a quick - and reasonably effective - way to find out. Visit, where a brief 15-minute quiz will help diagnose the state of your mental health. The site even narrows down the five mental disorder areas you are most likely to have trouble in.

3. Created by Martin Seligman, the guru of positive psychology, the Authentic Happiness website, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, is home to a plethora of tests relating to happiness, optimism and creativity. The site's most interesting quizzes? The Brief Strengths Test and the Close Relationships Test.

4. Going purely by appearances, really looks no different from the thousands of other "personality test" sites out there. But spend a few minutes doing the test and you'll get a pretty accurate reading of yourself. Instead of the usual Myers-Briggs type indicators, this quiz tests for qualities like neurotic vs unemotional, traditional vs alternative etc.

5. If Sanity Score is too limited, try Psych Central's comprehensive database of mental health tests - everything from a 7-question test for anxiety to a more comprehensive test on ADHD diagnosis.


  1. Ok it's your fault. Now I know I am a depressed anorexic with paranoid schizophrenic hyperactive delusions laced with Aspergers. And to think I went all my life without knowing!

    NOW what do I do with myself?

  2. Thanks for the interesting links! :-)

  3. Ahh, Noor, come on, admit it, you've at least suspected it anyway... lol.

    Thanks folks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. LOL Coyote, I am a blogger. Of COURSE I suspected it! Your response just made me laugh pretty well, well so much for being depressed.... now hand me that quart of Ben and Jerry's will ya?

  5. LOL, Noor, that of course was the intent, a good laugh, delighted to pass the Ben and Jerry's!