Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“Viewer Poll on Republican Debate: 25% Undecided, 75% Unconscious”

“Viewer Poll on Republican Debate: 25% Undecided, 75% Unconscious”
Worrisome News for GOP Field
by Andy Borowitz

NEW HAMPSHIRE (The Borowitz Report) – “In what could spell trouble for the current field of GOP presidential candidates, a poll of likely voters who saw last night’s Republican debate found that 25% of viewers were undecided while 75% were unconscious. Additionally, over half of respondents agreed with the statement, “This field of candidates comes dangerously close to qualifying as a prank.”

Despite this somewhat tepid response, the debate did have its moments of excitement, such as Rep. Michele Bachmann’s official announcement of her candidacy: “I wanted to declare my candidacy here in New Hampshire, the home of the Boston Tea Party.”

Rep. Bachmann received high marks in the poll from voters who said they found former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin “too cerebral.” While Gov. Palin is not yet an official candidate, she told reporters today, “If I do decide to run, I’m gonna come ridin’ in like Paul Revere at the Alamo.”

Another potential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, offered this statement: “At this time, I can’t decide whether to run for President of the US or secede from the US and become President of Texas.” Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made the most headlines last night by offering voters this guarantee: “I will never get involved in a scandal like Weinergate because Mattel did not give me genitals.”

Answering a question about the mass defection of his campaign staff, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said, “They all simultaneously realized I was a douche.” Finally, by a wide margin, the poll showed that the biggest winners of the GOP debate were the people who didn't watch."
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