Friday, January 27, 2012

Alex Noble, "They Said"

"They Said"
by Alex Noble

They said: “He did not feel anything.”

They said: "Please stop crying, Ma'm."

They said: “He would have seen a blinding light, and then, nothing.”

They said: "His death was instantaneous. You can be grateful for that."

They said: “No Ma’m, there is no body. There were too many fragments.”

They said: "Please, Ma'm. Your tears will not bring him back."

They said: “We have brought you this flag, anyway.”

They said: “You should be proud, Ma’m. Your husband died serving his country.”

They said: "Your husband died protecting freedom and democracy."

They said: "Your husband died for freedom loving people everywhere."

They said: "Please stop crying, Ma'm. We only have a few minutes."

 They said: “You will get about $1,154 dollars a month to compensate you for the
loss of your husband, but we cannot pay funeral expenses when there is no body.”

They said: "We cannot guarantee you Food Stamps at this time."

They said: "We will have to deduct certain fees from your check each month."

They said: "Yes, we are sure the remains are those of your husband."

They said: “We will provide government grief counseling services at a
discounted cost for you and your son and daughter.”

They said: “We have to go now, Ma’m. We have twenty other widows to visit in your city today.”

They said: “We are sorry.”

They said: "Goodbye."

- Alex Noble

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