Monday, January 30, 2012

"Mmmm Good: Pink Slime and Ammonium Hydroxide"

"Mmmm Good: Pink Slime and Ammonium Hydroxide"
by Abby Zimet

"Okay, for any of you still eating Big Macs despite the aforementioned 7,642 reasons why you shouldn't: Possibly thanks to activist chef Jamie Oliver, McDonalds has announced they will stop adding "pink slime" - the filler of fatty beef trimmings swept off the slaughterhouse floor and then treated with ammonia (think: cleaning your kitchen floor) to kill off bacteria - to their burgers. They follow on the heels of Burger King and Taco Bell. We're still not going there. But still. “Imagine how happy an accountant is - you just turned dog food into what can potentially be your kids’ food.” - Oliver on pink slime."

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